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Scouting after the season.

Old 01-13-2004, 06:14 PM
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Default Scouting after the season.

I plan on getting out my hiking boots and doing some scouting for next deer season, I know finding sheds are usually what everyone look for, but does anyone have any tips on scouting this time of year? What all should I be looking for? I plan on walking through areas that I presently hunt, and I'm do some hiking and look around at some places that I don't hunt at all......gimme some advice.
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Default RE: Scouting after the season.

This time of year I like to look for the bedding areas they used last fall. This time of year here, they've retreated into the big swamps so I can tramp through the fall bedding areas without kicking them around. I look for the perennial trails, funnels and better potential stand sites for next fall. I might even trim a tree for next fall if I find one in a good spot. It's a good time to get out. It's a little early to look for sheds around here. They usually don't start dropping heavy until the end of Feb.
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Default RE: Scouting after the season.

I scout some but not a whole lot. Mainly looking for bedding areas and trails that lead to feeding areas. I also like kicking them up and finding them that way. I dont have to worry about chasing deer off the property cause they could run for days and not be off the property. Look for white oaks, water holes, and places were they go to keep outta the rain and wind. Also keep a notepad of everything you find from droppings to old rubs. Keep your eye out for sheds. The more you scout the bigger the rack i mean reward. Good luck
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Default RE: Scouting after the season.

At this time of year all the leaves and foilage have been off the tree's and bushes for a while. Making any well used trails really stand out. Also with all the cover gone you can get a better feel how all the terrain comes together to see how the deer travel through it.
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Default RE: Scouting after the season.

Fullback24- I do about 80-90% of my scouting for the year during the winter months. I try to look for different seperations in terrain and edge cover. Obviously, I look for rubs, new and old scrapes and well used trails. I live in upstate NY so I find the best times to scout in the winter to be a few days after a light snow storm or a good rian as you can see tracks really well and identify track size better. I generally look for the biggest rub lines (bicep size or bigger) and the heaviest used trails and find where the intersect. I then take that information and relate that to the closest heavy cover. I hunt a lot of very thich areas and have found it to be very productive no matter what the conditions and how much food there is. Food can fail (specifically the mast crop) but cover is always the same and always needed you just need to adjust accordingly. I also hunt for sheds but am more concerned with the land. I would much rather have a mount on my wall than a shed on my desk! (not that they aren't great to find) Late season also gives me a good opportunity to see where the deer go when they are pressured from gun hunters and what they use as their escape areas. This is where I hunt when the going gets really tough or I am having a particularly trying year. I also tend to go to the same spot at least 3 times per winter to see the differences over time as this gives me a good overall look as to what the deer do at different times. Hope this helps you out. Best of luck. TGK
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Scouting after the season.

How do you all go about looking for fall bedding areas if the deer are in a late season pattern?? Also how can u find out where the deer go when they are being pressured??
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Scouting after the season.

osiris: where are you in Rochester. I live in Brighton, over by Ellison Park. Just curious, Jim & Joe
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