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baiting deer

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Default baiting deer

any thoughts on putting out feed such as corn to lure a deer within shooting range????.........and also, anyone hear of something called whitetail addiction....what is it's sole purpose ???
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Default RE: baiting deer

I'm all for it. But as someone once told me, man you just opened a can of worms.

The way I see it, if your state says it's legal and you have some success with it, then go for it. I put out corn through out the year. Sometimes I will add in a few apples or a mineral block here and there.
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Default RE: baiting deer

Can of worms is right on this subject.

I have baited for 24 years. God willing, I will be baiting for another 24 years. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion because you still have to do many things just right to get a harvest. Granted, you probably won't be worrying about where to put that new wall mount hunting over bait, but it puts meat in the freezer. Having more than one stand, I have several with bait, and several without bait figuring I'm going to harvest meat over a pile and then trophy hunt where there is no bait. I've heard people on this site say that baiting is for the inexperienced hunter and good for the first deer and stuff like that. I say no. It's not that easy. People think that you just throw some bait down and instantly you are finding yourself having to pick the best doe or spike to shoot. It doesn't work that way. Wind, stand placement, blah blah blah all have to be a part of the hunt just as much as all the trohpy hunting I'd never hunt over bait hunters out there. Make sure it's legal in your state too.

As far as all the Whitetail additction and Deer Crack and all that crap, well it may work somewhere in the world but not for me here in MI. Good old fashioned corn, apples, sugar beats and carrots works every time. More economical than all that crap too. I'm not the final say by any means, just my .$02.
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Default RE: baiting deer

not a can ; but a tub of worms , just wait!!!!!!!!!![>:]
I will add my two.if it is legal and done in the right way,I don't see anything wrong with it.In the right way I said ; that is a feed station (or food plot)that is mantained year round.and yes a food plot is called baiting!
Year round will help the heard of all the animals,and other game also.then the animals don't have to come to the sourse just when food is there. I have saw people that take a bag of corn or feed and go pour it out on Wed. and then hunt Sat. that I call "Baiting for the kill"

yes I have food plots and feed stations,5 plots and 8 feed stations.that cost money and time , so I can't afford to do it for the meat alone.it[:-] also helps the animals in the hard mos. and in the spring when the young are in need of mother being in good health.
We take an animal or two each year from the plots and stations,but by no means trophy animals.
JMHO ; and 2 cents.
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Default RE: baiting deer

As long as it's legal in your area I see nothing wrong with it. I feed corn from July until green up sometime in late March when the deer need the extra carbs. Trophy hunting over corn for the most part is a waste of time. A mature buck is not very likely to eat corn in a baited area during legal shooting hours. Our club does however use bait to help control the doe population but like BadSotBob said, if I'm trophy hunting I get away from the corn. When we need to harvest does to keep the population in balance we sit over the corn.
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Default RE: baiting deer

As long as its legal.
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Default RE: baiting deer

the thinking behing anti baiting people is that the deer come right in . they are very wrong. we have feeders all over our place. we have no stands near any feedersthe deer will leave this property because there is no natural food source other than when the acorns fall.in the past the deer were small and very thin. we only killed one deer this year and it was a 9pt with double brow tines. he scored 154 with a 20" spread. he weighed 205 lbs. we fed year around and had no idea this deer was even there until we got a pic with a game cam. we have 4 more bucks that will score about 150 with spreads up tp 24 inches. it is no different than hunting corn fields,food plots, or even trails.
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Default RE: baiting deer

law says no here, but should they come to eat that bit of left over silage i can shoot them on that
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Default RE: baiting deer

I do it on my property. The deer don't really travel any established trails. They just go through the brush anywhere and everywhere. You could put up a stand and sit forever waiting for a deer to just walk under you. Nothing wrong with it if it's legal. By the way, I have killed a couple of pretty good bucks that way.
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Default RE: baiting deer

Here in Texas it's legal. There is nothing wrong with it. But dont think it's like brining lamb to the slaughter, truth is Bucks just dont really care about the corn. I have rarely seen them come into the feeders. I have better luck just sitting down up against a tree in what I felt was a good spot. Horn rattling is 10 times more productive than a feeder.
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