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Deer Hunting or Politicking

Old 12-12-2003, 07:59 AM
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Default Deer Hunting or Politicking

This is going to piss some people off or step on toes but oh well. I read post everyday on all certain topics and most of them are great but it is like if we all dont agree on the same thing people blast you for it. Let me give you a couple of examples.

1. Baiting, you talk about something that brings up a huge debate and attitudes fly, seems like the ones that do get blasted by the ones that dont and visa versa

2. Shooting deer with deer drives or using dogs, oh my did the tempers fly and the same thing the people who drive deer or hunt with dogs got blasted by the people who dont and visa versa.

3. Where to shoot a deer, damn that brought out alot of controversy whether to shoot them in the shoulder or behind the shoulder or the neck like i said and well then there goes the problems and so forth on that issue.

4. Then now it is the high fence issue, well people want to criticise the people who hunt behind the high fences,all though most have never been to one and do not understand the logistics.

All i have to say is when somebody gives there opinion dont land blast them like WE all do. You know there are different strokes for different folks and different hunting techniques for everyone. I dang know i give my opinions on issues but there are alot of folks out there that all they want to do is give a politicly correct answer and bash you for not being the perfect outdoorsman. I say bull#$ to it and lets all shut up and get the job done in the woods no matter the method or style of hunting. Think about it if we were all the same it would really suck. Had to vent a little and good huntn to all nothing personal intended to anyone. Everyone has a right to be happy with there trophy no matter the style or method taken as long as it is legal.
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Default RE: Deer Hunting or Politicking

You are right. There is a lot of bashing that takes place. However, when controversial topics arise, I have noticed that most people on this forum try to state their opinion with respect to others. And I have noticed that if someone gets bashed on one topic, the guy doing the bashing will give him kudos on another topic and they are friendly again.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, some state it with couth (sp?) some do not, but I truly enjoy being here and reading all opinions.
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Default RE: Deer Hunting or Politicking

I like to see where others stand on certian issues and l really enjoy good debates. I agree if its legal and you like it more power to you.
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Default RE: Deer Hunting or Politicking

i have to agree wth farmcntry, all is true. trophyhuntr right on!!
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Default RE: Deer Hunting or Politicking

trophyhuntr I have not bashed any form of legal hunting and never will, as I stated in some other post, some people call shooting hunting, some people call killing hunting, and others call hunting hunting.

I will say though that I have noticed a few people who post up pics of some really fine bucks yet are unable to answer a single question about scouting or stand placement. I guess what I am trying to say is we need to all become aware that there are different levels of hunters, from the pen shooter to the hunter who does it all. They are all hunters, just some are truly skilled and others are of lesser skills.

The main thing we all need to do is to quit bashing those who use different methods of hunting from us and those of different skill levels.
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Default RE: Deer Hunting or Politicking

I agree, sometimes with opinions and the heat of the moment we don't get the point across we are trying to make. Not an excuse but for me a reality, as such I saw that my post on the recent debate could be considered bashing/nor appropriate for this public form and that was not my intent. I appologize for the response and have editted the post re: my enlightment[&:].

Debate is good, knowing stances/opinions helps us get to know others more personally, we can assimulate to others who share the same passion and style of hunting we are accustom too. This helps when we ask for opinions or read other posts to know if that individual is suggesting something that maybe useful to our practice.
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Default RE: Deer Hunting or Politicking

The part that bothers me is the name calling and such when we agree to disagree. But on the other hand when someone attacks us as a whole we close ranks and put up an united defence as was seen recently in the responces to Anti 101(although we may have been set up by the powers that be),that in itself tells me something about us all.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Deer Hunting or Politicking

There is certainly a good bit of discord between hunters with opposing philosophies, but not all of us argue about such things. If it's legal, then I'm all for it.

I've put a lot of thought into my belief system, both in life and in hunting, but I'm not about to say that someone else is flat-out wrong. As long as you obey the law and refrain from hurting your fellow man, follow your own beliefs.
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Default RE: Deer Hunting or Politicking

We are opinionated and so what. I like the lively discussions on here. I think that anyone who posts here should try to remember to not take it personally. You can't see the person typing away in their bedroom (luckily).

You have an opinion, I like to read it and if I don't like it I'll let you know. Don't cry, I'll probably agree with you on another post. Look at that anti-101 post again. If it was real or not does not matter, when there is an enemy, we all join together to bash them. It's like the USA, only smaller. I think it was that old CDB song, we may have done a little bit of fighting amongst ourselves but you outside people bst leave us alone. Cause we'll all stick together and you can take that to the bank, the cowboys and the hippies, the rebels and the yank...(CDB is Charlie Daniels Band for you youngsters)

So let the opinions fly it is all entertainment anyway and heck, it just might change your mind on something.

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