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Same day stands

Old 11-26-2003, 09:54 AM
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Default Same day stands

have you ever had success hunting a stand the same as you set it up ?

I try not to make a practice of useing a tree stand for a couple of days after I set one. Just a thought if anyone did the same...BT
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Default RE: Same day stands

Climber stands are meant to put up and hunted the same day, right? If the cover is right this shouldn' t be a problem.
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Default RE: Same day stands

I always find that the same day is my best chance to get a deer. New to the area and deer don' t expect to find me there. If they make me or see something out of the ordinary, I feel that my chances drop dramitically.

I' m talking about climbers and stands that don' t take too much time to set up and don' t make too much noise either. I give the place a rest only after I hunt it two or three times. (depending on the local deer population)

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Default RE: Same day stands

I' ve had succes while setting up a stand believe it or not. 3 years ago bowhunting. My buddy and I were moving a stand to a different location after the first week of bow. We noticed a few different bucks frequenting this particular run through a hedgerow. We had just raised the ladder stand and it was resting against a tree. I was 2 steps on the ladder heading up with the ratchet strap to secure it and my buddy is tugging on my jacket and whispering buck buck buck. I slowly got down and fortunately had my bow with me. I had hunted the morning and walked to the new location from the stand I was in to meet him. He ducked behind the tree and I nestled behind some brush. The buck comes across a field on the other side of the hedge heading right for the run we were setting up on. Sure enough he ducks down in and walks slowly down the trail. Stops broadside about 15 yards and I shot him. Nice 8 pointer. Thank God the wind was in my favor cause I was sweating like a pig. Anyway I was not planning on hunting that stand for 3 or 4 days, but I guess that plan changed.
My buddy however did get in it the next night and had a small 4 pointer come through that he passed on and 2 does came through. He ended up getting a nice buck from there a week later.
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Default RE: Same day stands

I have one of those outhouse camo blinds and I put it up, than sit in it, take it down, all the same day. I have had deer walk right by it and it did not spook them.

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Old 11-26-2003, 10:25 AM
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Default RE: Same day stands

I have been told by a number of different experienced hunters... if you are putting up a fixed stand... best to get it up weeks before you plan on hunting that spot. And I believe this is good advice. But a lot of times this is not an option. On 11/1 at 2:30pm I hung a permanent stand for bowhunting... I hunted this stand that day and saw deer but nothing close enough to shoot. On 11/2 at 6am, I headed back up to my stand (saw two deer before I even got into the stand), at 7am... I shot a buck at 20 yards. This buck looked right at me and I could tell he knew something wasn' t right but when he tried to smell me and couldn' t get anything - he went about his business and the rest of the story is now in the freezer. I also hunt with a climber and I think the climber is a definate advantage due to the ability to move around. If you hunt a spot with a climber and see a deer and it doesn' t see you... move closer to where you saw the deer. My experience has been if they aren' t spooked then they will continue to use that same trail.
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Default RE: Same day stands

I got off work at 7 in the morning and at 8 i was out at a scrape i found, looking for a tree to put my stand up in.I have an API baby grand and remington ladder.I found a tree and hung my stand of course making some noise and stuff.I get in the stand tie myself off and pull my bow up.I' m hot and sweaty so I was gonna lite a smoke and relax for a few minutes.All of the sudden I hear a deer coming up a little valley to my left.I grabbed my bow and got ready.A nice little six pointer goes up to the scrape and starts working it.I draw back and release,and miss under him!He kinda twitched alittle and got back to his work.I grab another arrow and nock it.He must be at twenty five yards not twenty so i aim alittle higher and miss under him again!He kinda takes a step back and looks at my arrow.I' m down to my last arrow and figure I better make this one count.I draw and put my thirty yard pin alittle over his back and release.THWACK perfect shot!He runs and I hear him pile up not far from me.
So this proves it can be done and also that you should always check yardage when bowhunting.
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