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[email protected] I have had a couple of Honda' s and they are good no doubt but I love my Polaris Sportsman 500. It is a 6 wheeler with a dump bed on the back. I just hate the chain drive and miss the shaft drive of the Honda. Good Luck!! -- CDH
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where i hunt i used to walk in and up this big hill and ended up freezing in my stand because i got so wet from sweat. the last 2 times out i rode my 4 wheeler up to the tree, unstrapped my stand and bow, then parked the 4 wheeler less than 10 feet away. i then get set-up to hunt. both times i have had deer walk right past it and not get spooked, most are curious, i had one doe trying to see what it was so she nearly got on it. good thing she couldnt drive. but i saw the absolute biggest buck of my life walk 5 feet from the bike and never look at it. this deer was an easy 140 class whitetail and goes about 250 lbs live weight. i did not get a shot tho because he was steady moving through and he suprised me by showing up on my back side where i never expected him to come past the four wheeler.

alot of times deer will look at it and get closer out of curiosity. some deer are real dumb, i know a guy who hunts opening day every year and for the last 6 years he has killed a 6 pt or better early in the morning because he puts a portable radio on the top of the ridge and turns on any music station that comes in clear, then walks 40 yds to sit down on a stump and the deer are so curious to know what the noise is, they walk right into his shooting lane. maybe this guy is onto something!!!

anyway, do it, it does not affect the deer, anything you can do to keep hunting is a good choice because hunters are a dying breed these days. good luck
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