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Need helpful opinions

Old 07-11-2020, 12:09 AM
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Default Need helpful opinions

Hey everybody i had should surgery back in February of this year has andybkdy else had shoulder surgery and if so how long did you wait until you resumed hunting?
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Old 07-11-2020, 01:12 AM
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We don't know that kind of surgery you had, how bad it was, etc.

I go as soon as I feel comfortable. Obviously pulling a bow, or recoil will be a concern. Talk to your doctor, get their opinion. Then decide what you're comfortable doing and what risk you're willing to accept.

And if you don't listen to the doctor and things go poorly, don't be surprised. That's one of the risks. You have it decide what level of risk you're willing to accept.

I've shot deer while on crutches, and also with my right arm in a cast. I don't like to miss out on hunting. Figure out a way that it will work for you.

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My thinking:
When you can drag a deer out, hang it and skin it - Your ready.
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Old 07-11-2020, 05:56 AM
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typically I would ask my DR this question and use there advice, suggestions on when things should START to be built back up, most require physical therapy, and then from there you can work with them and the DR and yourself to gauge how long it will take and ot when your feel things are getting able to do more, the game typically is go slower than you think, going to fast and having an issue develop, can just end up making things worse and taking even longer to heal right!

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Your surgery and results could be very different from everybody else's. The only person who has a good understanding of where you're at is your doctor. Your doctor may or may not advise you to sit out this fall hunting season. I'd listen to his/her advice. You don't want to mess up your recovery by pushing yourself too soon.
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If yoou don't think you can shoot your rifle or shotgun, consider a handgun, if legal in your state. I did it the fist year after my surgery, and got hooked on handgun hunting. Next to shooting my muzzle loaders, the handgun is my backup in bad weather hunting.
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What about after he shoots? He will still face some of the shoulder challenges with dragging and loading his buck.
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Originally Posted by CalHunter
What about after he shoots? He will still face some of the shoulder challenges with dragging and loading his buck.
Thats what friends and cell phones are for !
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Default Help after surgury

I had rotator cup surgury 6 yrs ago in April I did ALL the rehab required. My hope was to pull my bow back by Sept. I had no problem once Sept came around. Good Luck
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it all comes down to each persons personal injury and condition, there is NO one size fits all here on how long or what to do or not to do, its a case by case deal, and NO one can advice here period,
this is something for a DR and some physical therapy folks to MAYBE take a GUESS at, as even they cannot say for sure as things can happen while in recovery that change times frames!
and then add in the simple fact, NOT everyone is willing to do the work, to get recovered in a timely fashion, many skip steps either causing longer healing time, due to over doing it, or the other way, NOT doing things as suggested or expected and further delaying the recovery
I have broke enough bones,(even some compound breaks)
torn enough muscles and crushed other body parts over the yrs to know how things can go and change, add in how many surgeries I have had, and I can tell you NONE heal the same!

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