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cover scent

Old 01-18-2020, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Ramhunter71 View Post
I have posted this a number of times, but I think it still holds true:I know some people feel cover scents have value, but one observation on the effectiveness of cover scents leads me to strongly doubt their utility. Years ago in the Yukon on a sheep hunt, I mentioned cover scents to my guide who had never heard of them. He laughed and related a story of a hunter he had guided on a grizzly hunt. They were observing a grizzly from a distance of about 200 yards with the wind in their face. The bear was feeding on an old rotting moose gut pile that was putrid and about two weeks old. Suddenly the wind shifted and they felt it on the back of their neck. Instantly the bear jerked his head up with rotting entrails hanging from his mouth, turned and ran like hell!

That bear was able to detect human odor from 200 yards away with a snoot full of one of the strongest "cover scents" I could imagine. I suspect that when a game animal smells someone with cover scents he smells the stench of a human mixed in with the odor of fox urine, or dirt or whatever.

I also read an article by Chuck Adams who has a lot of experience with scents. He also characterized the theory behind cover scents as "baloney". Adams did feel, however, that attractant scents did appear to work on occasion.
the nose on a bear is incredible, they have been known to smell dead animals from several MILES away, so, a human at 200 yards
Not even a big deal IMO

heck, many experts feel that a BEAR can smell there way home after being relocated, up to and over a 100 miles away, using there sense of smell

I know here I have had two different bears in past 5 yrs moved over 70 miles away and were back here in under 3 weeks

one got moved TWICE in same yr and came back both times!

so, I would put a bears nose on a MUCH higher level than any deers! LOL
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Old 01-21-2020, 09:55 AM
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I started using an ozone unit this year. Not the kind you put over you while hunting, but one in the closet for my clothes. I was getting blown at a bunch in September and early October and didn't get blown at at all the rest of the year. The idea is Ozone binds with the bacteria that makes your scent and not hiding it but eliminating it. You still smell like Ozone and I have had a few deer look like "Why does it smell like its raining." and look confused. One buck looked uneasy not knowing what it was, one doe stopped, just turned and went back the way she came. All the other didn't pay much if any attention to it.

You can read the entire thing here "Hunting Ozone Closet" I don't recommend running this in an area you will be breathing a lot of this in. I do mine in the basement.

On cover scents, I quit with them 20 some years ago. My daughter tried them and was complaining every time the does got downwind she got busted still. Deer has a better nose than a dog and they say a dog can smell every ingredient in a cake separately. If that is the case they smell the cover scent and you still.
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