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Have To Use A Shot Gun

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Wink Have To Use A Shot Gun

The area I live in has very few places to hunt, one being the Air Force base, which is where I hunt. They will only let you hunt with a shot gun, no rifles, the shot gun has to shoot slugs. I use a Mossburg 535 with a rifle barrel and scope,12 ga Horndy SST Sabot slugs 2 3/4" and spot on @ 100 yards. Have a few guys telling me they are using bolt action 20 gauge Savage Arms shot gun, with rifle barrel, and using a Remington Accutip 3" Sabot Slug can hit 4" square @ 200 yards. Anyone use this setup? Are they that much more accurate? Worth $600?

The ol-Mossburg has been mighty good to me, every deer I have harvested has been 1 shot drop, dead on...... but 150 yards is all it's got.
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Old 01-18-2020, 08:15 PM
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I wouldn;t waste my money to upgrade unless you really just want to
most deer are shot much closer than 150 yrds, and I don't think 200 yards with a 20 gauge is the greatest idea in the world, NOT that they cannot kill at that range, they sure can(so can a 12)
but why not just be more willing to take shots in a range your comfortable with with what you got!
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I'm with Mr. BB unless there is a specific need or reason that 200 yards benefits you over 150- I don't see that it's worth it.

I have a Mossberg 695 12 gauge. A bolt action, similar to the savages that you are talking about. I have shot it to 150. And it would still hold an acceptable group at 200 as well. Especially for deer hunting. But I just don't really need it to shoot that far.

If you have the extra cash and wanna play around, go for it. but it's certainly not needed and doesn't gain you that much.

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i had the savage 220 & used the remington accru tips & had a leupold ultra slam on it man what a tach driver. also i also used the barnes expanders also also a excellant slug to use .the reason i switched from a mosseberg at that time . i figured ohio was never going to let use a rifle . so why not use the best out there . but really did i need to switch over . no not really. i did however take a nice buck with the savage set up @ 250 yards. i would keep what i have . if it kills them dead. stay with it & how often would you be using it .
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I OWN A SAVAGE 212 BOLT ACTION, one of my neighbors purchased a savage 220
I don,t think theres a dimes worth of difference in accuracy but the 20 does recoil less
neither of us would swap,
both devastate deer and both are best at under 140 yards
sight in 3" high at 100 yards and your about on at 120 and about 3"-4" low at 150 yards
4" 200 yard groups are an UN-realistic expectation in my opinion after testing, 3" 100 yard and 8" 200 yard groups are more realistic
and yet all but meaningless as most deer are killed at well under 140 yards

an accurate slug gun with a rifled barrel can more than triple a shotguns effective reach over the best buckshot loading's.
THIS SAVAGE IS AN EXCELLENT and reliable and accurate SHOT GUN
these bolt action shotguns have rifled bore designed to stabilize slugs
the larger 12"/19" bank coin bags tend to work rather well as a sight in rest a 3/4 filled bag (or several) can be re-formed manually, or stacked, too match the desired rifle support height and support a rifle or slug gun,solidly

theres several sizes available
12" x 19"
6.5" x 9.5"

this might save you a few bucks at the range in equipment

stuff the bank bags with rubber mulch filled zip lock bags with a 2.5 gallon zip lock bags ,
filed with rubber mulch ,
which is basically finely shredded, and ground up old tires ,
and you have bags of the correct weight, firmness and these won,t attract vermin when stored,
get the correct fill percentage that allows the contents to be partly redistributed, the contents,
so you can manipulate the height/thickness and then fold the open end of the canvass coin bags and sew or staple shut.
use several bags so filled,
as a forearm support and place one between your shoulder and the slug gun butt stock
and recoil is vastly reduced while sighting in the slug gun off the bench.

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Thanks for the reply, this is exactly the information I was looking for. I think I will stay with the MossBerg Pump, it is tight, doesn't rattle and has done every thing I have needed it to do. I have been able to take 2 deer this year, with 2 shells, dropped each with 1 shot, can not ask for more. Thank you again for the information, I appreciate it very much.
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Iím in the same boat when I hunt on base. I went another route because those slugs are so expensive and I kill so many deer and hogs.

I had a Savage 220 rifled, I never shot 200 yards anyway. Most of my kills are 80 yards and under.

I bought a Mossberg 500 Bantam and put a 2.5x scope on it. With the modified choke and the 20ga High velocity sluggers, I get an inch at 100 yards and the slugs are $4.99 at Academy.

I did the same with the Savage 220 Turkey, but ordered a modified extended choke to protect the end of the barrel.
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Thank your lucky stars you can use slugs, here in Virginia where I hunted it was shotguns and buckshot only
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Originally Posted by DaveJames View Post
Thank your lucky stars you can use slugs, here in Virginia where I hunted it was shotguns and buckshot only
Have killed many deer here in Virginia with #1 Buckshot. Usually with one shot.
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