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hunter harrassment

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Default hunter harrassment

wondering your thoughts
my dad and uncle inherited their parents farm dad kept wanting me to hunt the land
have been hunting it the last 15 years. dad passed away 2 years ago leaving his part to me. ever since my feeders have been shot up
and straps cut on ladder stands of course I cant prove who did it.. I have paid half the property taxes since his death.
Saturday I found out my uncle has leased the farm to some honey bee scientist. the farm is 70 acres I hunt only about 10 acres
at the very end of the farm. I go to check things out these people have put portable green houses up completely covering the
field I hunt to within 20 feet of my box stand.when I asked them why the bypassed all the 60 acres before my hunt I was told that's
where my uncle told them to put all this stuff. my question would you consider this hunter harassment
nc law states its illegal to intentionally interfere with the legal hunting and taking of game or any resources
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If you are a legal inheritor of the property and are current with the taxes and other costs the property incurs, you should have at least a 50% say in how it used and receive 50% of any lease fees. If this was me, the first step would be to confront the uncle and let him know that since you're a 50% partner in this property that he has to work WITH you as far as leasing/renting any portion of the land. The next stop would be an attorney to find out just what this partnership means and involves and get some legal definitions that your uncle can understand. As for the leases, since you were not invited to be involved with their lease even though you have 50% of the say, I'd tell them "sorry', but this has to be moved to the front of the property since this portion of the property here is a hunting land...note the blind".

Do you get along with said uncle? If he's aware that you inherited your father's 50% of the property and are current in taxes and costs, why did he not involve you in this lease? Personally I's find out what the deal is with him by talking to him but I'd let him know that when that lease expires those guys are out unless they agree to relocate to the front of the property. I'd let him know straight forward that any leases or renting will require that you be involved and that 50% of any money trading hands is to go to your pocket. What insurance measures have this lease person taken out to protect against liability/damage?

I'd be some kind of miffed at this but would give the uncle a chance to explain things before I got into the legal community, but would make it perfectly clear that that's the next step and that you will not allow being walked on or circumvented. That's not right either.
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yes I would consider it intended fully intentional harassment, but you'll have a great deal of trouble proving it in court
, and I doubt it would be worth the obvious related, financial issues

I was at one time given permission to hunt a well wooded 170 acre a buddy owned
as long as only archery equipment was used,
and we could only park at the gated entrance
and no camping on site!

the place swarmed with deer, every time we parked a truck at the entrance,
some old lady on a three wheel bike who was a neighbor,
would start peddling through the property's one long road that looped through the property,
playing a loud radio, and would try to stay as close to any hunter she saw as she could,
luckily she could not get off the one dirt road.
on a couple occasions we were still successful,
with a loud radio playing on her bike, she would just keep riding until we left.
it was a p.i.t.a. , I made it a point to thank her and tell her that he keeping the deer moving improved our chances
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ty for the replies
I do plan on a conversation with him but only once my anger has subsided some
don't want to make matters worse by doing or saying something I will later regret
he has made it clear since my dad passed that he didn't want me there. its been one thing after another since
I did agree to leaseing the land for agriculture puposes with no hunting rights included to help pay property taxes
I did not agree to some one coming in to test chemicals for their reactions to honey bees
heck I don't even know if its safe to eat game off this farm now or what the effects from the chemicals could be to the surrounding
areas over the tears to come. sorry for ranting just cant come to grips with this underhanded attempt to get me to leave
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Me and that uncle would be having a come to Jesus meeting. If you own half the land then move your blind to the area where your uncle hunts and tell him he is welcome to your old spot.

I have an uncle that is kind of like that guy. When my grandfather passed my uncle was of the mindset that he was the one that should get everything my grandfather left, including all his guns, despite the fact that my mother and her sister were still alive. My mother didn't play that game and told him no uncertain terms that 1/3rd of everything my grandfather had would come to her and 1/3rd would go to her sister. Mom knew that my brother and I wanted some of the items and she made sure we got them including the 1969 F-250 sitting on my place as I type this.

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sounds to me like you need to talk to a lawyer, and I hate lawyers, BUT< since you don't seem to know w your rights on this land, or maybe just having a lawyer might make your uncle and you be forced to hash out some legal definitions of what and how the land is set up
half is half, unless there are terms in the legal binding contract that is on this property, which, I am guessing you don';t again really know!
as if the bee keeper is paying your uncle anything you should be entitled to HALF of that as well, and also, the BEE keeper shouldn;t be able to set up anything on the land without your consent, or that is how MOST shared properties I know of would work.
I do NOT know what your finances are, but maybe you can try talking about guying out your uncles side, or his your's if you wish to get out from this or take hold of it better!
having a partner in land or most anything of value can be a nightmare if the two don't see eye to eye , and some times personal feelings get in the way of logic.
a lawyer can be a netural ground of clear headed here maybe and make a contract you BOTH have to follow if there isn;t one now
nothing like a death in a family to bring out the claws and show true colors of people! IMO
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appreciate the advice he doesn't hunt so cant take his spot . just built a 6x6 box stand last summer so the grandkids could hunt with me
now cant see anything for the field full of portable green houses that run to within 20 ft of my box stand. I know this was done in an attempt to
make me mad enough to leave. in my opinion this is intentionally disrupting my resources to legally take game. got a family reunion Saturday got to figure out what
to say and how to make sure I keep my cool because im sure its not going to be pretty. trying to figure out who is leasing the property if they tell me they put all this crap
where he told them to then the discussions will be with the wardens
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I think the time to be nice has long since passed. Unless he has exclusive rights to the property he leased he has no right to do it and he owes you half of the money he has collected so far. You can either allow yourself to be pushed around or you can exercise your rights to the property and force him to do what is right or sue his azz off in court. From what I can determine from your post, if you lose him as an uncle, you never had him as an uncle to begin with! I don't know you or your personality, but I would never allow anyone to stick it to me like your uncle has no matter who it is! The longer you allow him to push you around, the more he thinks he can. You should have stopped him when it started.
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Originally Posted by huntin_nc View Post
appreciate the advice he doesn't hunt so cant take his spot . just built a 6x6 box stand last summer so the grandkids could hunt with me
Build another blind on the other 60 acres. Don't tell your uncle you're doing it, just do it. If the deer were on that 10 acres then they probably moved over to the other acreage. Or you can get something like a ghost blind and just set it up wherever you want. At this point it would be easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Do us all a favor and let us know how this plays out.
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It's not hunter harassment. They aren't doing it for the intended purpose of disrupting your hunting. They are doing it to comply with the wishes of the land owner. This is more of a family issue. Talk things over with your uncle but he probably didn't know you exclusively hunted there. I'd just put up stands anywhere on the remaining 86% of the property.
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