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Not only can you practice with your bow all year you can practice deer hunting all year too just not shot one out of season. You will learn how to get them to come close to you, learn where you need to place your stand/blinds. Just keep in mind the summer trails may not be the ones they use in the fall.

I'd get rid of all that gimmick scent stuff and just make sure my boots were clean, not carrying gasoline scent and other stuff.

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We "hunt" year around. You get to know the deer much better that way. We're luckier than most people though because we don't have cable so we don't have to watch all those TV shows and games like most people do.

Alleyooper is right about their patterns changing from season to season. But you get to watch the changes.
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there trails change due to food sources
as different foots come and go, they alter there movements
summer time(off season) its called scouting, as its NOT hunting really, hunting in the off season can get you in trouble LOl

and I agree, the more time you spend leaning the better off you will be, hunting is a forever learning sport, you NEVER know it all
and if you think you do, your wrong!!
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If your stand is not productive and you are seeing deer movement, but out of range, just move your stand closer to where you are seeing the deer movement. If I hunt a new area I will scout and hang my stands where I think the deer will be moving through. If I see they are actually using other trails instead, I will move my stand to those locations. Sometimes I even hunt from a ground blind because there are no trees in that area to hang a stand. Good luck to you!
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When I started bowhunting I was in Michigan and had great land in the northern lower peninsula that was half row crop half woods; tons of deer.

It took four years of hard work learning scent control, deer patterns and practicing my shooting before I connected. It was worth it!
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Are you texting while hunting and if you are how much? Movement can be terrible on your possibilities to having deer close. i went through this with my daughter and she swore she was not moving much. Now she texts less and sees more deer. Deer can see you texting at 75 yards when you don't even know they are there. They don't know you're human, they just know something is there and they will probably stay away from it.

As stated, watch the trails and observe the deer on the property you hunt. Learn their habits. Setup with in good range to heavy trails and don't cross them getting there.

I don't care how much scent lock stuff you own, hunt the wind. If the wind is blowing from the west, don't hunt a stand where the deer will be east of you and directly down wind. Have several spots/stands and hunt the one that is near a good trail and the most wind favorable.

Learn to use funnels. Deer will naturally funnel through areas that are easier to get through or offer protection.
- small areas of woods that connect two wood lots
- A valley between two hills going up a hill
- a hole or a low spot in a fence

With owner permission I have tied the two top and two bottom strands of a wire fence together and the deer cross there.
Where the deer jump a fence and you can't alter it you can nail small wood strips to the posts. Wrap cotton twine around the new strips like another strand of fence wire. Leave 20' undone where you want them to cross and they will jump the fence there.
Got a very thick area like briers or multi-flora rose? Take a machete and chop a trail through it and the deer will use the path of least resistance.

Or put out corn and apples and wait for them to walk in.

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Food crops in my are seem to stay the same for 5 to 7 years yet the deer change there travel route from season to season. Have you ever walked thru and area in the summer and came across a sunny spot that was cooler than the area just 10 feet behind you? Well I have and the deer will be bedded in that area in the summer but not in the late fall(season time) or winter. My area they like those fingers off hills facing south in the winter they will be in the sun on the east side of the finger in the morning and move to the sunny west side in the afternoon.

Ever set and watch a group of does after the season walk thru an area of thick brush, Then 30 minutes later a buck go thru the same area? 9 times out of ten the buck will not be on the same trail he will be on a faint trail off to the side about 10 to 15 feet.

Sorry for got once the season is over Ya'll do not go in the woods to watch/hunt deer.

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Like Archeryrob mentioned, movement is one of the larger problems. I've watched new hunters from a distance. One of the bigger mistakes I've seen is they try to look every which direction. Thier body may be still, but their head moves around.

Imagine a head size piece of paper, brown on one side, white on the other, on a stick. Imagine you are a hundred yards off and someone is slowly spinning that piece of paper on the stick. You can pick it up quick. Now imagine that same piece of paper moving really slow. Or imagine it moving with the wind and the sway of the branches.

Most likely the Deer know you are around someplace, they are smelling parts per million. Not enough to really spook them, but enough to make them watchful and nervous. Then throw in what I call a flash, your white face jerking around. If they aren't out of there, they sure as heck aren't going to get much closer to the spot they saw that unnatural movement. I'd rather miss an occasional Deer than blow my spot by trying to look everywhere at once.

Throw in a unnatural sound, like the thump of your rifle on a rest or foot stamp from shifting your feet and that Deer is out of there.

The really spooky Deer are going to move off or bolt when they get the slightest whiff of human. Some are a bit more tolerant. If they get a nose full under fifty yards, shifting breeze or walking through your scent cone, most times they are going to bolt, sometimes they will hide then slink off.

In a normal day you sweat a pint, you breath a pint and urinate 3-4 pints. You can mitigate your scent some. But seriously, studies have shown Deer can smell stuff on a molecular level from astounding distances.

Also something to keep in mind, even on a still day air rises as it warms up in the morning and spreads your scent wider.

Like Alleyyooper mentioned, I've seen the Bucks let the Doe run interference for them. Especially the older more experienced Bucks, the survivors.

I go out in the off season and hunt predators. I watch the Deer.
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Move closer, to tje edge of your max range. You will get one before long.
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Bow & Crossbow Hunting takes much more time and patience,the Deer have to be closer for an ethical shot thus making it easier for them to pick up Your scent.As mentioned....Deer change their travel pattern as the weather changes and as the Rut nears thier mind is on food,cover and bedding.Hopefully You can move Your stand closer to where the Deer travel and out smart them...keep up the scent control,improve on it and watch Your movement in the stand.
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