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Deer hunting from canoe?

Old 11-15-2015, 07:43 AM
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There are a lots of different styles of canoes, each one designed for specific characteristics. Some are much more stable than others.
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Originally Posted by tndrbstr
There are a lots of different styles of canoes, each one designed for specific characteristics. Some are much more stable than others.

be sure to be wearing wader boots if I'm in the boat, I like to rock.
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I'm sure MN has laws regarding hunting land animals from watercraft & I have no idea what those laws are in your state... BUT I hope you are talking about hunting animals that are standing on land that you have permission to hunt on! If you are going to jump in a canoe on some river & shove off with hopes of killing a deer wherever you encounter it, without regards for the landowners rights whom owns the ground that deer is standing on, the shame on anyone looking to do such! I own property that has 2.5 miles of winding water frontage on the longest remaining "free flowing" river system left in the lower MS River drainage here in west TN. If someone "floats by" & shoots a deer on my property they better have lawyers & their checkbook handy because I'm going to tear them a new one in the courts!!!
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Can't help you on the laws. I used to regularly shoot squirrels from a small raft though, and used the same raft to access deer hunting spots across a small river.
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Boca, you may hunt from a watercraft in PA so long as it is powered by man power, drifting, oars or paddles.
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I have been duck hunting out of a 12 ft canoe for over 20 years. Never shot a deer out of one but have taken a few for a ride back to the truck in one.
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Originally Posted by jrbsr
There is NO way I would shoot a rifle out of a canoe.
I have seen what happens when you do.
Lets just say your gunpowder will get wet, lol
A flat bottom John boat yes, But Not A Canoe.
I hate getting dunked.
In N.C. you can hunt from a boat as long as you paddle the boat, and not run the motor.
You will loose all your hunting stuff.

Total BS, shot many a duck and a few moose from my canoes. Never the slightest problem. Been hunting by canoe for over a decade, lots of good animals taken, lots of great adventures experienced, plenty of shots fired FROM THE CANOE, absolutely no swimming has ever occurred. A better strategy than cruising shorelines in the canoe is to use the canoe to get to good areas that cant be reached by other methods, then spend your time hunting these areas.





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Always heard that Canoes can get you to great areas of WMA's. I have a Canoe and have been thinking about doing that sometime. That would be a great adventure.

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I some times even stand in my cane when trying to get a fly into a certain hole in lily pads in the back waters of the local river.
Serves as a good roof over a deer's head on a cold windy February day too.

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Yes it is legal as long as the canoe is not under power while taking of game, and you have permission to hunt on the land the deer is on. I called asking a similar question a few years ago.
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