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Where to Begin...

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Originally Posted by Oldtimr
........ The OP ask for advice, this is somene who does not even have a clue about how to hunt, asks if he should douse himself with deer urine and walk around......
I concur that some of your advice is quite valid, though not all.
I agree 100% that drugs and alcohol don't mix w/ hunting. And the previous statements about a hunter safety course. It's always best to learn the ropes from experienced individuals. The OP may not have the same opportunity others of us have had. If he does, he can act accordingly on that. It's not an absolute necessity,though. The OP has otherwise shown ambition/effort and has made some good observations and claims to have seen deer.
He has the potential of receiving good advice from experienced members here, even though those members aren't physically by his side. He's asking questions- and is perhaps teachable-so let's not rob him of the chance based on some initial careless remarks that we don't know he adheres to anyway.
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Originally Posted by John.Starks
Disaster? Like, is it really that serious?

This is the sport where men that are 50, 60, 70 lbs overweight can go into the woods with a 30-rack of Coors and an ounce of marijuana and still be successful, right?
This post makes me wonder if you are really serious, but perhaps you were just a bit annoyed at some of the responses you got.

Your first step will be to check with your state's department of natural resources to check the regulations as to where you can hunt, weapons, seasons, etc. You will probably find you will have to take a hunter safety course in order to get a license. You'll find there are lots of regulations.

Then head to a library, bookstore, or online to get the background information on hunting that you will need, which you can get from books and magazines. My Husband swears by "Big bucks the Benoit Way," for example.

Then decide how you're going to hunt, tree stand, ground blind, still hunting, etc. (Still hunting means actually moving carefully through the woods looking for deer. It's more than moving carefully, but you'll have a better idea after you do some research.)

Don't expect to go out in the woods and get a deer your first trip, or even your first season. My husband is pretty good, but we spend a lot of time hunting for what we get. That's why it's called "hunting." But that's the fun part.

We spend a LOT of time in the off season just scouting. We take our daughters along. Actually, our older daughter, she's seven and goes with us hunting as well.

Good luck.
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