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How do ya' ll get your deer cut?

Old 10-02-2003, 11:27 AM
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Default How do ya' ll get your deer cut?

I mean as far as delicious cuts from your processor - or how do you cut it yourself?

I usually get ground with some smoked sausage & the straps & tenderloin out, but I am looking for more different ideas to enjoy.

What are your suggestions?
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Default RE: How do ya' ll get your deer cut?

We cut all ours ourselves, mostly steaks and stew/canning meat
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Default RE: How do ya' ll get your deer cut?

Been cutting them up since I was a kid, my father as a teacher. I won' t ever take them to a processer exept maybe to get some summer sausage made.

Cut them up in steaks, stew meat, jerky meat, and the scraps go throught the grinder for hamburger, package it in 1-2 lbs. packages. Don' t get any better than that!
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Default RE: How do ya' ll get your deer cut?

I cut my own into, Steaks, Stew Meat, Cutlets, Boneless Chops, Kabob Cuts, Roasts and Ground Meat some plain and some with fat added. The plain is for chilie and tacos and the fat added is for burgers and meatballs.
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Default RE: How do ya' ll get your deer cut?

If you havent tried it before, leave the bones in and get your chops cut at 2 inches thick. Some Good Eatin!!
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Default RE: How do ya' ll get your deer cut?

Does this make you hungry or what?!

I generally grind almost everything except a couple of hind quarter roasts and the tender and sir loins. Sometimes, later, we end up cutting up a roast for steaks or stir fry or stew meat. Used to do a bunch of steaks and chops also, but now we pretty much keep it simple - just a bunch of ground and some loins for the grill, and pot roasts! Getting hungrier as I type. We do some sausage from the ground at some point usually too.

About the only thing I do different than a lot (most?) of people is grind w/o any suet /fat. Completely dry. We really like lean ground meat. Yes, it doesn' t work well for burgers but (1) we mainly use it for spag. and chili and fatless ground venison is excellent for that and ... (2) for burgers we just mix 50/50 with lean ground beef and it works well. -zeke.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: How do ya' ll get your deer cut?

I will add to otis comments, by saying the removal of all fat and hair goes a long way to improving the taste(especially when left in the freezer for awhile). Once my deer meat be it steaks or roast is thawed, I will remove as much of the silver skin as possible and then prepare in a variety of ways. My choice meat is medallioned backstraps, wrapped in bacon and skewered for the barbie...umm...umm good eats.

I have butchered my own meat since day one and main reason is take the time and care most commercial butchers don' t. I feel that all the effort and time spent it is worth it prepare a nice piece of meat to be enjoyed by all. It also provides you with a good look on bone structure and muscle make up of the game you chase. Really if you haven' t tried I suggest you do, there is no real way to screw up as their is always a trim bag for any animal you butcher. With time and experience that trim bag dwindles a bit but it is never wasted. If your worried about hang time and cooling...well don' t worry no difference in a day vs 7 days. Butchers who tell you wild meat needs to age are full of it and probably only say this so you don' t expect it back sooner than they can get it done. Wild meat will only shrink when aged and after 6 hours it is fully relaxed and makes no difference to a 3, 5 or 10 days worth of hanging.
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Default RE: How do ya' ll get your deer cut?

Doing it yourself is the way to go. You know it has been done right and it just adds to the whole hunting experience.

I like mostly steaks and chops, and the rest all goes to hamburg. Like zekeskar said, I also add no suet to my hamburg. I find it' s good for burgers, even though it will break apart a bit. I much prefer the flavor of pure, lean venison burger. I' d like to experiment with making my own sausage as well.
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