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which rifle?

Old 12-06-2012, 05:31 PM
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Default which rifle?

I am looking to buy a new rifle. Mainly for an upcoming antelope hunt. Maybe a hog hunt as well. I have a 300 savage in model 99, a savage 22-250 with heavy barrel for yotes, and a ruger 7mm mag.

Im looking for something in the middle of those. Been looking for a 25-06 or a 280.

Any thoughts Between those? Which gun makers? Thanks
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Old 12-06-2012, 06:01 PM
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Get a heavy barrel in 25-06 from any of the major manufacturers after handling a few and pick the one you like best. IMHO the 25-06 may be the most underrated caliber out there. I love my heavy barrel Ruger M77.
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Old 12-06-2012, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Topgun 3006
Get a heavy barrel in 25-06 from any of the major manufacturers after handling a few and pick the one you like best. IMHO the 25-06 may be the most underrated caliber out there. I love my heavy barrel Ruger M77.
Ditto. She is heavy!but using a rest, aside from one broadside through the lungs that ran 80 plus yards 4 of 5 were anchored on the spot through shoulders or shoulder through neck. Shoulder through neck on one buck around 200 yd mark 100 gr stopped against hide after cutting rib and clipping spine.
My previous pet is a 270. 280 seems like 7mm bullets?.
Ahh decisions,decisions!
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How about any of these with a drop in trigger and wearing a Zeiss Conquest;








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Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like I have some reading. What are the major differences between the 25-06 and the 280?? Pros cons?

I've been leaning towards the 25-06....but just want to be educated by people who have experience.

Plus the long I shop, the more I get to play with guns....
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25 06 rules. Flattens deer and bigger critters with authority.
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Old 12-07-2012, 03:24 AM
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Either caliber would be excellent. You should really take a look at the FN made Winchester M70 Extreme Weather. I have one in 270 that is topped off with a Zeiss Conquest and it has become my favorite hunting rifle. Excellent synthetic stock that is not simply tupperware and a good factory trigger.
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Old 12-07-2012, 04:28 AM
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You will get as many opinions as you get responses here!. The 25-06 is a great Antelope gun, but will you hunt them enough to justify buying a gun solely for that purpose? The 280 is a great cart. also, but loaded ammo is getting harder to find. 7mm-08 will do everything the 280 will do and even more than the 25-06. The 25-06 is limited in bullet weight, 120 being the max. it takes just 1 large whitetaillost to change ones opinion about its versatility. you have a greater range in bullet weight and use with the 7mm-08. its a short action cartridge that is easy to load yourself if you are inclined to do so. Lots of projectiles available. I wouldn't hesitate harvesting an Elk with the 7mm-08. Not so with the 25-06.

If your goal is strictly an Antelope gun, with some prairie dogs and some coyotes mixed in after the Antelope is down, you can't go wrong with the 25-06!

As far as manufacturers, there's a wide variey out there. Heavy tubes are great for accuracy but suck for long walks/stalks. Many of the guns available today carry lightweight barrels that shoot as straight as some of the heavy barrels. I have a Rem MTN rifle in 7x57 mauser (quite close to the 7mm-08 ballistically) I took an Antelope with in 1996 at 385 yards. It shoots 1" groups all day. That was loaded with a 120 grain speer BT, which is on the low end weight wise for 7mm, that would be about max with the 25-06.

Browning, Savage, Wincehester,Weatherby Thompson all make good production rifles. Pay attention to the safety style they all offer and make sure the one you buy fits you well and points well for you.

Good luck with your hunt for the perfect gun, and the perfect Antelope!
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Too much overlap between 300 Savage & 7mm Mag, to justify the cartridges mentioned. What NebBuckHunter needs is something really cool, and diff class of cartridge. I say... Marlin 1895 in 45/70.

no overlap there! And it'll look really cool
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280 all the way!!!! Alot more versital and just as flat shooting, if not flatter due to heavier bullets and a better B.C., it carries more energy and will have less drop and it is effected less by wind. Sell the 7 mag and just buy a 280, it will do anything the 7 mag will do, while having a shorter barrel and holding one more round. But that is just my opinion. A 280 Rem. in my opinion is probably the best cartridge ever designed, just was crippled when it was first introduced by Rem. because it was introduced in two of the worst guns it could be chambered for. For years it has been downloaded, ALOT, because of the lack of strength in the Rem. pumps and autos that it originaly came in. If you handload it, it pretty much is a 7 mag, actually you dont even have to handload anymore to enjoy the potential of this great cartridge, Hornady has the Superformance ammo that is a pretty hot hot round, the hottest factory ammo I am aware of. But like someone else mentioned you already have a 7 mag, so you wouldnt accomplish anything by getting a 280. I have owned a couple of 25-06's, wasnt overly impressed with either. I would suggest a 260 Rem, it is plenty of gun for anything you might want to shoot and with a 145gr. bullet it will be flatter shooting and carry more energy than the 7-08 that others have suggested.

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