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Mountain Lion Attacks Mature 160 Class Mule Deer

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Mountain Lion Attacks Mature 160 Class Mule Deer

Old 12-13-2011, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by gator59
OK so the next time I run into a Florida panthery I will ask it if it is an old old, young male or sick? IMO if eats meat I have an issue with it.

They are starting to show up on our lease. Hog numbers are way down. When you see a sow with piglets she only has 1 or 2 that is all she can protect. I wouldnt shot one on purpose but????????
So it eats meat and you have issue with it..
So shoot cougars for all I care...
What's this I wouldn't shoot one on purpose?? BS
Your gonna shoot them by accident?Pretty impossible now since there is a
,but, so there is premeditation..
Or just let them continue doing what they are doing and mumble about it under your breath or post online..
Or be a bitch and get somebody else to do the work for you..
You have balls, cougars are nothing but a vagina.
So pound them with bullets if cougars are devestating your hunting ground.
All I tried to express was this particular cougar ( of all the cougars in the
world) is the least likeliest cougar to attack a hunter.
I shoot them, not because of being scared of being attacked, or even think there is a remote possibilty of being sttacked..I shoot to save the biggame
population in areas I hunt..
In no way shape or form did I ever say cougars don't destroy hunting
grounds, or devastate big game animal herds..
I was replying to the initial post.. This particular cougar
possibly attacking an unsuspecting hunter?
But that comment you made is a foolish statement.. I wouldn't shoot one on purpose,but??
Just how would shoot a cougar without being on purpose,
Or do you just shoot, like you post...
From the hip..

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Old 12-14-2011, 04:42 AM
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Originally Posted by deernutz
I was yote hunting when I was stationed at Ft Carson, CO one year and had one come in 40 yds behind me and circle to my front. I poped a couple rounds in the air and left the area thinking i was gonna be dinner. The scary thing about them is you never know their there until the severing your spinal cord from your brain.
6 years of hunting south central Co and the tracks are all over the place and I still haven't seen one. Thank Goodness they have plenty of deer and elk to eat. One evening after bagging my elk I was bored and figured I would just sit over a canyon to see if I could hear some bugling or see a few critters. Having tagged out I left the gun at the cabin and just had a knife on my belt. I sat there as the sun was getting lower on the horizon and heard some yotes light up on the other rim and then thought what if a lion came around. I decided that I would sooth my boredom back at the cabin. Lions have to be very stealthy since the tracks are there and we never see them. I don't even like house cats much less 150 pounds of death.
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