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Have we lost focus?

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Default Have we lost focus?

As another archery season vastly approaches i'm as pumped as ever. Some exceptional bucks have been spotted firsthand in the woodlots i call home. As much as i would love to tag one i know it's a longshot and the 1st 5pt to present a shot is much more likely to take a ride in the bed of the chevy. This brings me to a point i see and hear alot of score this buck or he's only a 130'' 3yr old 10pt give him another year. It's like the true meaning of hunting is all but lost anymore it's way to much emphasis on the headgear it's not the size of the rack that should determine a true trophy it's the story behind it. I've got spikes and 4pt's that i consider more of a trophy than the larger bucks on my wall because of the blood sweat and tears it took to get them. I witnessed a 12yr old boy harvest a 3pt he was grins from ear to ear than razzed terrible by nearby hunters thats sad. Many hunters seem to be lost in the size matters game. If its legal and theyre happy support others our hunting future depends on it.
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It is all relative to your likes, time available, and even your budget. Some have the time to spend, passing up one deer after another. Some can not afford the time, or perhaps can not afford to risk no harvest at all to make up for the money spent on the license, gear, gas, etc. Personally, I will seek the advice of those that "trophy" hunt, since they generally have a lot of good advice to offer, even though I am probably much more your type of hunter. The only type of hunter I do not care for is the slob hunter that breaks laws, hunts drunk, litters, and trespasses - I look forward to that type going away for good. And slob hunters can seek trophies, or be strictly meat hunters - they come in all varieties.
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I've only been a hunter a few years but have been around hunters for some time,my fishing buddies who hunt also and common knowledge about it. As far back as I can remember hunters have always to some degree desired taking a nice Buck during the season if the opportunity presented itself.But getting some meat was a first priority with the vast majority of them,so Does where not rejected but highly desired by them all as well as smaller Bucks. There is no doubt that a great deal of emphasis has shifted toward trophy Buck hunting which many find very challenging and use as a method to let the smaller ones get to some level of maturity,the let them walk to grow mind set. I think what many of us find troubling is the commercial market that has taken this to an extreem level where it's nearly all you see and read in the hunting media. It has helped give birth to a bunch of deception and greed about how it's done,such as buy this, go here, and let us lead you to the big Bucks for many dollars. Those who can afford it do it and some who can't afford it do it as well being caught up in the Big Buck craze. Every generation sees change in how the past generation did things and thought about them. Is it wrong? Is it without challenge? Is it a proof people can't hunt or have no skill? I think it's unwise to conclude that yes is the answer to all these and other questions. We all define what hunting is and means to us by how we go about it and I'm sure there are many differences amoung us all in these matters. I personnally at this time will pay only one group for the priveledge of hunting Deer or Turkey,and that is Indiana DNR for my license to do so. I'm glad I can buy good quality and useful equipment to persue my game of choice at Dick's or Bass Pro or BowHunting.Com if I please. Are we loosing focus,some are, have we been distracted and lost much of our hunting heritage as Hunters,I'm sure we have to some degree. But the basics will always stay alive as we teach the next generation what is important to us as Hunters. As has been said thousands of times by many," It's about more than the Kill or the size of the Antlers it's the total package which makes it a great way of life with most of us. Hunters like sports fans decide who they will Idolize and lift up as our figure heads by our support of them or lack thereof. Hopefully after it is all said and done the best will be left standing for everyones benefit.
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Default I had a relative

who shot this nice buck, it was nice then, in the 120 scoring range, when young. We congratulated him warmly.
Never heard of him quite duplicating it in later years. Then I ran into him while visiting the hometown about ten years ago. He said he giving up hunting; didn't interest him like it did.

Hunting a trophy and only a trophy can end hunting careers early.
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Amen ds223, the "hunting/fishing industry" as it has become has RUINED essentially ALL big game and alot of sport fishing! Thats why imho most out
doors shows should be REMOVED from the air. They are all the same old CRAP anymore, some dweeb that wears camo everything except the contacts in his eyes. He struts around and "comes to town" like we are all supposed to fall at his feet like the second coming!

And the arrogant attitude combined with a distaste of any "trophy" not of outlandish proportions as well as the "wannabe hunters" who take such inferior animals.

Too the novice or kids who know no better, based on most of todays shows
and "pros" theyd think hunting was about WHO you are and WHAT you
killed instead of the relaxing and fun times together enjoying Gods creation and bounty! They might even be ashamed to carry their grandads old WINCHESTER 30/30 into the woods because it isnt the biggest, baddest
monster crusher on the market today and obviously todays superior animals
are no longer affected by the projectiles thrown by such antiquated peices of crap!

Damned if I'll let my boys grow up with such silly notions of modernity,


And this talk of "hunting careers"... Weve GOTA STOP that! Unless you are doing this for a living its NOT a career, its your past time, hobby, what you enjoy doing. That conotation just puts more emphasis on the importance of quantity and trophies for comparison vs a lifetime of satisfaction and memories of days afield with friends and family or the days you just watched solo without firing a shot!!! THATS what the outdoors is about!

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I would say, yes, we have lost focus. But, it is not so different from anything else in life. (How have we come to a place where Mom and Dad both work 9-5 [or longer], spend little time together in the evening, put the kids to bed and pop on the tube for a couple hours? Is that living??).

We have a system (or industry, but it’s all a part of the system) dictating a “norm” to us. We have become dependent on big agriculture and just being able to waltz into the grocery store to buy whatever food we want or can afford (prices are steadily climbing). That affects our attitude towards hunting, whether you realize it or not. There are some very useful and beneficial products out there, and hunting has come a long way in that regard. However, there are many, many more products out there that are designed for one thing, and one thing only: making you believe that it will help you kill a bigger buck. There is less focus on woodsmanship and raw skill, and a whole lot more focus on trickery and making hunting, well, less like hunting. “People can do what they like as long as it’s within the law, blah blah blah…,” but the fact remains is that the average hunter today is very influenced by the industry’s heavy marketing, and is barely a shadow of what yesterday’s hunter once was.

I am preaching to myself, here, BTW. I am not above the influence, but I try to remain mindful of it.
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I would have to agree with many of the previous posts. Yes, hunting has been changed due to the impact the media has transformed it in to. Lets face it todays society is spoiled rotten with all the information on the web,t.v and such that it takes away from the day when you went out with grampa and dad and learned what it was all about to be in the outdoors. Today you can turn on the t.v and in a half hour this wonderful buck walks out and gets whacked. The younger generation now expects this when they head into the field, little do they know there can be and will be countless hours in search of game at times and what you may find probably will not be a monster buck. My first deer was a three pointer and to me this will probably be the best trophy regardless of what I may harvest in the future. We as hunters need to pass down the traditions and values of what it is to be a true outdoorsman to the younger generations in order for this wonderful sport called hunting to continue.
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It's not that we lost focus, but too many are trying to place their morals or lack thereof on others. If the deer is taken legally and the hunter is happy, we should be happy for that hunter. There are others who are envious. I have heard "What did you shoot him for? I was going to let him go another year!" The deer don't belong to any one hunter (fair chase deer that is). It's not like you can put "dibs" on a buck.

Bottom line, mind your own business and let other hunters be happy with their bounty!
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Originally Posted by AF Hunter
It's not that we lost focus, but too many are trying to place their morals or lack thereof on others. If the deer is taken legally and the hunter is happy, we should be happy for that hunter. There are others who are envious. I have heard "What did you shoot him for? I was going to let him go another year!" The deer don't belong to any one hunter (fair chase deer that is). It's not like you can put "dibs" on a buck.

Bottom line, mind your own business and let other hunters be happy with their bounty!
Hit the nail on the head! This is the problem with general population overall, no one ever takes a moment to consider others goals... They only critique people that aren't fitting into theirs. This has always been a vast problem with Humanity.
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Each person should be free to hunt any way they desire as long as they are within the laws in their area. Each person should be free to have his/her idea of what a trophy deer is. For me, I am lucky enough to have a job that allows for several days off in a row. I bow hunt and will probably hit the woods in excess of 30 to 45 days depending on my luck. For me I choose to hunt only does and mature bucks. I do this because I have the time to do it, the passion to do it and it allows me to extend my season searching for that "mature buck." On the flip side my friend who owns the land that borders mine is more interested in introducing youth and new hunters to the sport. I think what he's doing is great and I can tell it excites him just as much as hunting mature bucks excites me. We share our land and hunt on each other. We hunt the same deer with different hunting ideas and goals, but at the end of the day we are great friends and great hunting companions. That to me is the beauty of hunting, it means something different to each person yet it has the ability to bring people together and form lasting friendships. We just have to be thoughtful of each other and our freedom to hunt how we see fit.
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