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Originally Posted by countrygirl11
okayy thanks i know theres one or 2 around me for sure.
i believe my friend has a bow that she used to use but she no longer hunts and i think she'd let me use it do you think that'd be ok?
Most womens/youth bows have easily adjustable draw lengths , if you can have your DL measured correctly and the bow adjusted and tuned, I would say its a good place to start, if youre gonna hunt with it, Id have it checked over, by someone who knows what theyre doing, and I would strongly suggest having the cable and string replaced.
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okay thanks a lot i'll talk to her about it
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I'm the one that mentioned buying a good used Bow...and "Yes" our local Archery Shop has Used Bows that Customers are allowed to list there for sale and/or leave for potential Buyers to check out.Usually the Used Bows were bought from that very same Archery Shop and the Owner or person selling the Bow knows how it was kept up and the Owner will also check out Used Bows to make sure they are in good shape or not!

Why buy a Used Bow...if Your not sure Your going to stay with Archery/Bow Hunting or want to just target practice its better to try a Used Bow out to see if Your going to like it and stay with it and not waste Your hard earned money....go price a Brand New Bow,Your talking about $250.00 and up for a bare Bow unless it has a package plan with it.I priced a Mission Menace Woman/Youth Bow for my youngest Daughter....it has an adjustable draw length and adjustable poundage/pull weight so as she grows up it can be adjusted to fit her needs,and it can even be set up for me to shoot.

Bow Only $259.99

Plain Package $79.99
Basic Package $129.99
Bow Hunter Package $159.99

The Packages consist of the different types and qualities of rest,sights etc....!You still need to add in a hand release,arrows,feild tips and/or broadheads,quiver etc....New Bow's can be expensive,Buying a new Bow and then selling it later on...Your not going to get Your money back,Bows are constantly changing and improving un-like a nice Rifle that will hold its value over the years.

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okay thanks a lot i do know i want to stick with bow hunting im thinking about trying to find a used one for target practice and then maybe in a year or so get a new one
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