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HEy all yall Deer Hunters ,
I have been watching Tv Hunting Shows and been watch and learning about Scents. And would like to try it out this year !!! I was wondering how to you make a Drag Trail With scent do you drag it thur a Deer Trail or what please help me out on this ??? I am sure Yall Guys and Gals will know how to tell me about this cause i a jus a rookie . Also what is the Best Kind of Scent to use and when to use it . Thanks ,
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As far as a good sent I have been using CODE BLUE. Have had good results with deer being very cerious to come on in and smell.


This hunting tool can be made very simply! Mine is made up or about 12ft of camo cord with a piece of old rag I cut 4x4 sq. and split the ends of all for coners. I then punch a hole in the middle of the square and tied the cord thru it with a good knot. then pulling all four coners in to make it look sort of like a broom? Then tie it in with some fishing line...

When I drag it I generiously use my chosen sent on the rag and release all of the cord langth behind me with the opposite end of the cord clipped to my belt loop or boot puller.

I never walk directly to the stand but rather like a semi circle, once my stand is in view, this helps with the deer not coming directly to your stand but rather around it.

Try it out and let me know how it worked for you.

Good luck and happy hunting!
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Jred' s suggestion is good use a drag line that is far enough behind you so it doesn' t come in contact with your boots, pants, etc. Also important to go past and loop back to your stand or location, as he mentioned. Take the drag off when in a shooting lane and comfortable shooting distance, can let it hang their.

As to scent or times, I have found that estrus and near rut (which includes late pre rut(chance phase) rut and early post rut). i really don' t see any benefit to laying down a drag line other than rut times.

I actually rarely use draglines anymore, as I prefer to hunt close to the bedding areas of the bucks come rut. If I use scents it is as a wick style, just hang in a semi circle upwind of my location.
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