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Is it just me or???

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Default Is it just me or???

Everyone is more worried about killing a BIG buck than filling their freezer. Suddenly you are not a good hunter if your buck is not over130". More emphasis on what you kill than the hunt itself. It should be about fellowship with friends and family and remembering the past with loved ones who are now gone. You DO NOT have to kill anything to be successful. And if you will all play by these rules maybe I will be the only one with a post asking you to guess what he scores.
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Well said. completely agree
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I hunt to put meat in the freezer and enjoy being outside. If I happen to shoot a big buck so be it, but I don't get all morked up if I don't shoot a giant deer.

2 Years ago I went to ohio to bow hunt with a couple friends. I had was on one side of a field and my buddy was on the other (about 150 yards away) so we could video tape each other. I had a nice twelve pointer bedded down about 75 yards away when a couple fat does came out at 15 yards. I smacked the first doe and the second one ran around and came back in at 20 yards and I dropped her just for the meat.
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No, your not the only one. It bothers me with all the "what does he score posts". I understand that people want to know but why not just score the stinking thing and post it? I like killing deer and the bigger the deer the more meat in the freezer. So far this year I have killed a spike and a button buck (thought it was a doe). My dad killed his first with a bow opening day here. It was a 100 pound doe, the second deer he saw that morning (he missed the first!). Point of it is that I took my dad to the farm I hunt. I sat him down right beside of a tree in pitch black dark. The deer came within 10 yards of dad and the rest of the day all he could talk about is how I picked THAT TREE and how did I KNOW they would come THAT close. I done something that amazed my dad. All I told him was I had a good teacher and he just smiled. I don't care what anyone says about antler size of an age of a buck. This hunt was the best one I had in a long long time and will never be forgotten. To me this is what hunting is about.
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I will share a little bit of my side as I am a big QDM advocate. I was raised practicing, and believe in it whole heartedly. I will start by saying I often go to sit in a stand with nothing but a video camera as I get just as much thrill seeing one then shooting one. That being said, the past couple years our relationship with our hunting partner (who is family) went south, Very south...What a shame. I think about all the memories from years past, all the camaraderie that is now being missed, and that IS what it is all about, for me. I can say I havent taken a deer in a couple years, I have still been hunting a bit and have seen literally hundreds, but it is more about the camp and the good fellowship, so my ambition had dwindled.
Now, having said THAT, to each his own is what it comes down to, but in MY opinion/in our case, we spend a LOT of money to hunt,especially where we do (not to say most others dont) and be able to experience this great sport with our friends/family, so why not get the best out of it. By best in my opinion, I mean, the best experience. It goes without saying that the younger, more immature deer, are much more easily taken and hunted. Theyre not as witty, they dont seem to have that 'instinct' that keeps them just out of harms way. Harvesting a mature deer (regardless of buck or doe) is much more difficult, and in my opinion, more rewarding. I've said before, any hunter who says they havent dreamed or longed to see a monster come out and give them a shot at it, is lying. Taking does is a large part of QDM, therfore my freezer is full. No one owes anyone anything in terms of passing deer etc, if someone is taking a deer simply for meat than, more power to em'. No person who hunts for meat should then look at a QDM practicer in any negative way either. I'm just offering a mentality of someone who I guess you would consider a 'trophy hunter'....
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That is entirely right.
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this is right, totally agree, i always hunt with my dad and is friends and we hunt seriously for big bucks and normal sized ones. But we have a blast doing it no matter what!!! as long as your having fun hunting, it doesnt matter what you get but its always nice to get a big boy.
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I agree to a point. I mean killing spikes and fawns??? Thats like starting a garden and going out and pulling your tomatos that are a month from being ripe.
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I shot my biggest buck ever on nov 2 in ohio a 10 pt.I am a resident of pa and also hunt in pa with my brothers, nephews, and grandson.we enjoy hunting together and get excited when one of us gets a doe.putting a/r in pa has taken away alot of the fun we use to have by just being able to take a buck and still be proud of it.everyone wants to shoot a big buck but not everyone who hunts considers that the all mighty goal.being out together with the other hunters in your party and seeing them get something to me is better then scoring on a big buck.I would gladly give back the 10pt. I shot this year if I could hunt one more year with the person who took the time and effort to get me started in hunting my dad.I pray he is watching me in the big sky and is proud that I am trying to do exactly what he did for me and my brothers to help others enjoy a sport where everyone wins.
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I hunt for meat first, trophies second. Never gotten a trophy though, so I stick with the meat.

I think to each his own. If you are fortunate enough to hunt an area where you can let nice bucks go and have a chance a an evern nicer one, than so be it. I have always hunted what land I could get and if I don't shoot them, the next guy will. Someday the trophy will walk by and I will put him on the wall, but for now I am happy just to have them in the freezer.
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