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Fork Horn
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No, your not the only one. It bothers me with all the "what does he score posts". I understand that people want to know but why not just score the stinking thing and post it? I like killing deer and the bigger the deer the more meat in the freezer. So far this year I have killed a spike and a button buck (thought it was a doe). My dad killed his first with a bow opening day here. It was a 100 pound doe, the second deer he saw that morning (he missed the first!). Point of it is that I took my dad to the farm I hunt. I sat him down right beside of a tree in pitch black dark. The deer came within 10 yards of dad and the rest of the day all he could talk about is how I picked THAT TREE and how did I KNOW they would come THAT close. I done something that amazed my dad. All I told him was I had a good teacher and he just smiled. I don't care what anyone says about antler size of an age of a buck. This hunt was the best one I had in a long long time and will never be forgotten. To me this is what hunting is about.
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