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Deer Baiting-Yes or No?

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Originally Posted by ssnow1970
I am a college student studying Wildlife Biology. Im having to give a presentation on wildlife baiting in general. I wanted to get some real life opinions weather or not you think wildife baiting should be allowed or not. This is not just secluded to deer baiting, opinions to any type of game species you hunt is more than welcome! Thanks!
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Originally Posted by Waldo Hunter
Haha... You make it sound like a pile of corn on the ground hypnotizes all big bucks within 10 miles and makes them walk right in to the pile of corn almost instantly after you dump it on the ground. I hardly ever bait deer and this post has to be the most uneducated one I have read.
How do I make it sound as if bait hypnotizes every deer within 10 miles.
I was merely stating that not every state allows baiting in some for as another poster alleged, and they also alleged that it was OK to do it and fight the DNR in court when they get caught.
I hardly think that my post was anywhere near uneducated. Minnesota is the state where I first started Deer Hunting. Without bait, since its illegal state wide there thankfully.

Originally Posted by UPHunter08
I've hunted with and without bait. My experiences are similar to some of the other posters here. I see a lot more deer with bait, but usually see few if any large bucks. Conversely, I've also hunted near others that bait, but without baiting myself. I've observed large bucks specifically avoiding the other hunter and bait pile; they just waited in the thick stuff presumably to intercept does as they came and went to the bait. Think about it: a mature buck won't live long enough to become a large buck if he routinely visits a bait pile. Common sense. Sure, occasionally one might slip and make a mistake, but overall they're conditioned to avoid bait piles during day time. They've busted hunters over bait often enough when they were younger that they're onto the game.

Therefore, I've come to the conclusion that baiting works...if you want to shoot young deer. I have no qualms about others using it if that's their style. I also think that contrary to what some adamant anti-baiters think, baiting is not cheating (for the reasons stated above). The Eberharts even wrote about this in one of their books. Their solution was to treat other hunters' bait piles as natural food sources, and to simply locate a stand a few hundred yards down the trail from the bait...and intercept the large buck that is waiting on the does to visit the bait.
Yes, I'm an adamant anti-baiter. It is, cheating since it removes the fair chase from the hunt.
By bringing deer to the hunter while they are feeding on unnatural food sources, those that were not planted or occur int he are naturally.
No food plots are not baiting, they are planted sources that the deer can rely upon any day of the week.

As to the spread of disease, there have been studies that would seem to prove. That baiting, spreads disease throughout the wildlife populations that visit the pile.
Since not only deer, but birds, Squirrels, Pigs, bears, skunks, 'coons, and other various and sundry animals visit bait piles. They also defecate on and near the bait sources, thus continuing the possibility to spread disease.
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Originally Posted by Waldo Hunter
Haha... Seriously, an entire city share on plate?? Okay I can tell your against bating, you have made your point. I also never said that you bashed anyone or that you called anyone a terrible person. So the only words in your mouth are only your own. Also how big is this city and how big is the plate? This comparison is interesting. I bet I dont have two thousand deer coming to my spinning feeder that spreads the corn out a long ways. Dumping corn in piles is not the only way to "bait" deer. Some use feeders.
You did kind of infer that I was calling baiters terrible people.

"Some people also put protien in with the corn. Man terrible people there, maybe we should ban them from hunting."

"Or we could just bash each other some more because we have different ways."

Ya, if that isn't saying I was bashing people then what is"
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i see absolutly nothing wrong with baiting, putting out a bucket of corn in front of your stand is small beans, if you compare it to placing a stand over a 20,40 or even a 100acre sized corn,alfalfa,sugar beet feild. how is it any different? a food source is a food source...

if "Baiting" is illegal then you better quit putting in food plots and my neighbor can quit growing strips of corn in the hay feild out back!

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I think food plots are fine and like a bait pile.
Time release is debateable. Overal i think baiting if not abused is ok.
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Originally Posted by theclimber
This debate is just like driving a car:
Ever notice anyone driving faster than you is crazy, and anyone driving slower than you is a moron?!
Now thats funny right there.

I have a stand that I must have put over 1200 lbs of corn down since June. I've hunted the stand twice. Had bucks come in just didn't shoot. I enjoy seeing deer, and all the cam photos I get. I get about 1000 a week. It's become kinda a hobby for the cameras. Yes it does keep deer in the area, and yes I'm providing a food source since June. Deer in my woods never go hungry. I have other blinds set up several hundred yards on trails leading to the bait. So Is that wrong?

Too each it's own. Good Luck!
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It always seems hunters in states that don't allow baiting like to call hunters in states where they do unethical. Just an observation. I could have an opinion that calling, compound bows, fiber-optic sights, scents, or scent blocking suits are unethical and it would make just as much sense. How can you proclaim a hunting method unethical when it is legal?
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Originally Posted by sconnyhunter
Yes, I'm an adamant anti-baiter. It is, cheating since it removes the fair chase from the hunt.
In your opinion. The definition of 'fair chase' is pretty subjective. Many non-hunters would argue that trail cams, high tech bows or rifles with scopes bring so much technology into the sport that it's no longer fair chase. I'm not pro-baiting, for what it's worth, but I'm trying to bring a little proper perspective to this. I prefer to hunt over natural food sources where possible. I have better results that way.

Also, in my experience, baiting actually makes it harder to score a mature buck, so in that aspect, your fair chase argument holds no water. If someone is baiting to shoot a doe or yearling, then yeah, I'll agree that it makes that a little easier. I also agree that hunters with access to only small tracts, they have little choice but to bait if the deer aren't naturally crossing the property. Not everyone has access to hundreds of acres of property or hunts near ag land. Who are we to deny them the right to hunt how they wish to as long as it's legal?
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There you go, you are correct. I did infer that you were calling them terrible people and also bashing people. I never once said you were. I just infered, and you realized that in a way you were bashing people that bait. Otherwise you wouldnt get riled up. Relax its all okay. Like I said in the beginning, to each his own. Pretty simple concept there. BTW I dont hunt over bait. I just think its funny how hunters will "bash" other hunters just because they use different tactics. I know a lot of people do it just to take inventory of what bucks are around. Either way it's not illegal in Kansas and I will put out some corn if I want to.

Originally Posted by dusters84
You did kind of infer that I was calling baiters terrible people.

"Some people also put protien in with the corn. Man terrible people there, maybe we should ban them from hunting."

"Or we could just bash each other some more because we have different ways."

Ya, if that isn't saying I was bashing people then what is"
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Default Hunting History of the World - Part I

I wonder if our ancestors probably had the same problems as we do now. Some cavemen liked the thrill of the chase, big rock and small rock season, hunting over bait piles of old people, ("Old man Grog, go sit over there and wait!!") And 15 men waited, and when an animal showed up to eat his bait, they pummeled it with rocks. To gut or not to gut before eating. To use scents like, smelly old man or that time of the month woman must have drove them crazy. And god forbid we use that new gizmo, the spear. Then, they needed 3 seasons, god forbid, and it cut into their big rock, small rock season. And when man finally found out he could plant food, not just to eat, but to use as BAIT. WHooooaa, this calls for a new era, one where HE IS the Master, the ruler, the hunter. That's right, He's now the Master Baiter. Sort of makes ya wonder, doesn't it.
Sometimes we have to step back, take a time out, and realize nobody's right and nobody's wrong.
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