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Scent control?

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I skin off the scent gland hide from stinky rutting bucks or bull elk or moose that friends have killed,If I have my own I use them,and tie 2 to my shoe laces on each boot,and one on my belt at the waste .I do shower with baking soda before I hunt but I take it for what it is just a deodouriser that I know won't last the whole day or even an hour. However the stinky glands are very powerful and I feel they do give me the extra precious seconds I need to determine field judge when scoring animals.I do not purchase animal cover scent, why bother when I can use the real deal.Where I hunt, I can use deer scent while hunting elk or moose our vise verse they all are forest animals that live in the same environment.They all run into each other and quite often.

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One thing I want to be clear about! I think you hunters should do whatever you think will help you get closer to your prey, deer, bear, moose... As long as you think it makes you successful and its legal I'm all for it. I might not do it personally or think it's necessary but that is strictly for me only.
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Originally Posted by kswild View Post
I'm am a bow hunter!!!! Not to be mean but sometimes it seems like you guys have absolutely no experience in the woods.
I have killed a buck from 20 yards standing on a dead tree about 4 feet off the ground with a bow and no scent control. The buck never knew I was there. Just saying! I will have video proof of how close you can get in the wild with absolutely no scent control other than playing the wind...
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Heh, I hear ya. I take reasonable scent control steps (keep my clothing clean and separated in a bin, wash before I go in the woods, etc) but don't go overboard. I've been turkey hunting and have had deer walk 10 yards from me...with no scent control.

I do think, however, that it's more important if you're after a big, mature buck. Small bucks and does don't seem to be as alarmed by relatively minor human scent (ie. you don't need scent lok and all that to get close to them).

Movement and fidgety hunters probably alerts more deer than anything IMO. I've seen more deer react to my movements (e.g. moving my bow, adjusting my position, etc) than to my scent (assuming you've made a few reasonable scent control measures).
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