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DeerandbearhoG 12-25-2009 03:28 AM


Originally Posted by G92 (Post 3538627)
bowhunting =the way to go.i hate shotgun sucks everybody and there brother becomes a "hunter"

i cant tell anymore if some of you guys are even serious or if youre just mocking other's posts.

assuming youre serious, whats wrong w/others wanting to hunt? isnt that better than being against hunting?

cubfan56 12-25-2009 05:38 AM

Food plots and baiting !
Merry xmas ! Questioning the way someone hunts or with what you use creates an argument among hunters that the antis just feed upon ! As long as your method of hunting is within the law and a quick kill is what really is important! I have hunted along time and have heard many comments beginning with ... Stump sitters , tree stand hunters, compound bows with sights, cross bows, scoped muzzleloaders, and one that bothers me is a friend in indiana feels that rifles are just not hunting !! I tell him my last 3 shots = 3 dead deer that died almost instantly ... What is wrong with that ? Or hunting over a food plot or baiting an area is that any different than paying a farmer to leave crops in field to manipulate the feeding pattern ? It is a never ending argument that " my way is the right way' as long as the end result is still a dead deer , let it be !

G92 12-25-2009 07:16 AM


Originally Posted by DeerandbearhoG (Post 3538694)
i cant tell anymore if some of you guys are even serious or if youre just mocking other's posts.

assuming youre serious, whats wrong w/others wanting to hunt? isnt that better than being against hunting?

im against shotgun season for myself. not shotgun just saying for me bowhunting is the way to go.i like seeing deer ,and after the first week (of shotgun)deer hardly come out until muzzleoader(unless you push,which i dont do).
if i owner 500 acres shotgun season would be great.

Kybuckhunter 12-26-2009 08:10 PM

Humans have a brain....we use it to outsmart animals that aren't as smart. Now...unless you are hunting with a knife or spear while stalking your prey then you are taking advantage of the deer. Even hunting this way we are smart enough to kill some aniamls. The success will be lower but we are smart enough to kill a deer with nothing more than a knife or spear if we had to.

Anything above this is taking advantage of the animal some how. Camo, scent, calls, tree stands, blinds, food plots, bait, high powered rifles, modern compound bows, xbows, binoculars, rangefinders, scentlock suits, get the point. Everyone of us picks the things we want to make hunting easier. Who's to say what's right for everyone? Don't get so smug and think you are somehow a purest for doing it "your way". Enoy your hunt...and let others enjoy theirs and stop worring about who's doing what right.

skiking 12-26-2009 11:09 PM

I don't bait and it is illegal here. I disagree with baiting/food plots in general due to an alteration in habitat designed to lure animals, that is not to say that when I hunt in eastern MT I won't shoot a deer or antelope in a wheat field or I won't pattern elk around their feeding habits. But if baiting/hunting over a food plot is how you do it, I won't look at you as an inferior hunter, but one with different tactics.

JoeA 12-27-2009 12:24 AM

Define wilderness please. If you, or granddad, took efforts to reduce the frequency of the natural rate of fire occurrance, predator ain't true wilderness, according to some.

I've heard some antis extend the actions of native Americans running buffalo over buffalo jumps, as man-made and therefore cheating...cheating because the buffs didn't understand that a cliff meant they'd fall to their death. WTH?

What gets me, is that our ancient ancestors (wherever they lived) were able to prosper with only primitive weapons and techniques...Does it make what hunters do, with modern tools & equipment, any easier? To me, no.

For those antis use the "not needed for food" argument, I ask how much of the food they ate in the previous year they raised or harvested. A few can answer, but many will give you a look of abject horror. "What?! Me in the wild?! Are you crazy?"...I admit it, I'd die in pure wilderness too. At least I know how to make a fire w/o matches..

ipscshooter 12-28-2009 07:17 AM

I'm sitting here wondering, if it's so darned easy to shoot big bucks if you're using feeders or food plots, why I didn't get one this year... I go "hunting" as the guest of a friend who is on a lease in the Hill Country of Texas, north of San Antonio. The only permitted method of hunting on the lease is from blinds w/ feeders. There are generally too many people there to allow for spot and stalk type hunting, as wandering around the woods would mess up others' hunts. I spent four weekends up there this year. But, didn't see a buck big enough/old enough to shoot. Let a number of nice bucks walk, as they didn't meet the lease's management strategy.

I did shoot a doe (a nice old fat one that weighed 120 lbs - where the average taken is only about 100) and a nice little wild pig ( he weighed about 35 lbs - perfect for the bbq grill). So, it appears that the new Remmy 7mm-08 works pretty well. :biggrin:

And, frankly, I don't give a rat's rear if some folks don't consider that to be "hunting" (I suspect those folks would have a tough argument with the Game Warden if they tried to do it without a license :s4:).

I enjoy getting away, the peace, tranquility, solitude. Time to sit in the blind and clear your mind. Spending quality time with my son on his weekend as a guest. Listening to the birds drowning out the constant hum of my tinnitus... A chance to unwind. Seeing a billion stars in the night sky rather than the ten or twelve that you can see on a clear night in Houston. Sitting around the campfire after the evening hunt swapping lies about the big one you let walk. Food with crap in it you'd never think of eating at home, that tastes like manna from heaven at deer camp. I thoroughly enjoy every minute of my time out of the city. If a big buck happens to wander past my stand, well, that's just a bonus. If anybody wants to define that as something other than "hunting", well, then it's likely that you're the elitist snob hunter, and I'd contend you're the problem with hunting. Not me.

There are guys here that hunt with dogs. It's something I'd never consider doing, and many would consider that to be "not hunting," but, if it's legal, I'm not going to argue that folks shouldn't be allowed to do it, so long as they keep their dogs on property where they've got a right to hunt. Some folks here shoot deer at extremely long range, to the dismay of some folks here who consider such long shots unethical and "not hunting." But, it's legal, so I am not going to argue against it if the person doing the shooting has the skill set required to do it.

I just don't see how any individual here can take upon themselves the role of Great and Exalted Emperor of all Hunters and gets to say "I don't like that, so it's not hunting." State game authorities define it. Within those parameters, the individuals hunting a particular area have to further refine the definition in order to provide for safe hunting opportunities for the people on that tract. If you don't like the fact that I "hunt" over a feeder, well... Get over yourself.

bigcountry 12-28-2009 07:43 AM

Holy cow, this thread is still running with people getting thier feelings hurt?

iSnipe 12-28-2009 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by aharley1 (Post 3536389)
Coworker just informed me that shooting a deer over a food plot isn't hunting, it's shooting.

Ok, I can live with that.

I've never hunted over a food plot or agriculture crop in my life, but if/when I do, then I'll be "shooting". LOL!

He can call it whatever he wants. Big deal. :rolleye0011:


aharley1 12-28-2009 10:29 AM

I've spent a LOT of days over the food plot seeing nothing.
To some:
hunting over a plot isn't hunting, it's shooting
using a scope isn't hunting, it's sniping. Iron sights only
crossbowhunter - hunting with a rifle isn't hunting, it's shooting
compound hunter - hunting with a crossbow isn't ethical
longbow - compounds don't give game a chance

Get where this is going??? The only true way is with a CLUB!

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