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Old 12-02-2009, 03:22 PM
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nice buck ,and glad that everybody is happy ...... BUT... the 600 yds shot no way ..get an electronic laser range finder and go back to the place where he shot the buck and take a reading ..i have shot caribou at 350 yds with my 300wsm .and let me tell u that is very far even when my scope is cranked to 10.5 and i have a SOLID rest for my rifle ..
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He had two experienced hunters with him that felt confidant that he could pull it off. He was in good, responsible hands and I believe that if dad and my brother felt it was an impossible shot for him, they'd of both refused to let him shoot, no questions asked and the reason I say this is because my son tried to pull the 35 up on it and my brother said NO WAY IN HELL ARE YOU USING THAT! and told him if he wanted that buck, he had to use the 7 mag.

Maybe his chances of hitting it at such a great distance "were" slim but he sealed the deal even though he never shot the gun before. I think he did very well considering that buck limped 50 yards and passed away. My dad and brother were right there telling him to put some daylight on him. He listened to everything they told him to do and didn't just do a willy nilly on it.

Your constructive critisism is taken in the best possible way. The deer died rather quickly and the two adults in the situation imho did everything they could to make sure he killed it. I trust them with him and I am 100% confidant that they will continue to teach him and have taught him the importance of being a great sportsman.

It all ended as planned and for that, we are all satisfied with the way it was taken. Yeah, it may have ended badly in other circumstances if he didn't listen to them but it didn't because my dad and brother, between the two of them, weighed all the risk involved before handing that gun over to him.
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thats a great first buck. congrats to him
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def wasnt 600 yards but congratulations
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Congrats to your son! 600 yards... probably not. If it was I agree with the posters above that the shot should not have been taken. It was not responsible on anyone's part who was in there regardless of their experience. Anyone ever hear of spot and stalk?? Get closer and make a sure shot. Don't just close your eyes and cross your fingers. Again, it turned out well this time but next time it probably won't go so good. Until then, good luck to you and enjoy that deer meat!
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You're getting there, but you still don't fully get it.

Your son is a new hunter, he should not hear the words "Just put some daylight on him" when being coached through his first shot on a deer. It's my opinion, but if you have to aim off the animal, that is too far. Contrary to what you believe about your father and the boy's uncle (your brother?), they are not teaching your son to be a responsible hunter. That is not to say they are bad people, they just need to adjust their perspective a bit. Rather than suggesting that the 35 was not the right gun, the uncle should have suggested that they try to get closer to the deer, so the shot could be taken from a range that he has practiced at.
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600 yards. WOW. Thats a long way. Takes a good shot to hit that, even with a 7 mag.

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Very Nice Deer and Story
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Congrat's to the young sniper!
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I have to agree with others here. Don't mean to be a downer, but unless that boy practices that shot at 600 yards, it was very irresponcible of him, and espeically the adults present. Just taking a poke at an animal is a sad state of affairs.

I do shoot long range. And I do practice over 500 yards, and without ranging the animal, and using either mildot or target turrets, I wouldn't shoot this far.

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