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Stolen Deer

Old 11-06-2009, 02:27 PM
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where exactly is the excitement in this? like where do the people that stole the deer get there excitement from your stealing a deer u didnt shoot, happened to me years ago shot my first buck with a rifle hopped over onto the neighbors property heard a gunshot and he was standing over it. He had fired a shot in the air to make it seem like he shot it. Now why would you do that waste your tag on a deer you didnt shoot
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Old 11-06-2009, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Bugflipper
I shot a deer about 8 years ago where I used to live. I was walking to my stand and got it in a field within 60 yards of the house. I go back to the house to wait a few to make sure it bled out. Returned 15 minutes later, no deer. Blood trail was only a big spot where it fell. Got the beagle out and he tracked it to a neighbors shed. Promptly returned with a truck and knocked on the door. No one answered. Called the landlord and got my deer. Tenant was kicked out by the landlord. The landlord was a friend of the family and hunted on me. He had moved to the city 4 or 5 years earlier and rented out the house.
Awesome story! It makes me happy to hear the person was evicted.
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Old 11-06-2009, 03:03 PM
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Some people!! I tell you
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Same thing happened to me several years ago. One morning during bow season I had a buck walk right past my in the woods stand. I put an arrow right through the boiler and recovered it when I came down. The arrow made a complete pass through and the blood trail was adequate to let me know I could go right after it. I went about 150 yards and saw the deer laying in a hardwoods with another hunter standing over it. I walked right up the blood trail and saw that there was an arrow sticking out the neck in an odd slant. Then I saw another arrow sticking out of a tree about 10 feet up and back towards where there was a tree stand. The guy was a little sheepish and didn't challenge my kill or even argue about the legality. I took the deer to the check station and they said the other arrow went into the neck after the deer was dead. They could tell by the blood trauma associated with the wound. My original shot took out only 1 lung and nicked the heart. That guy actually saw the deer run up and dropped dead. He shot 2 arrows at it with the first going into a tree from the stand and the second through the neck from close range. If I hadnít been right there I would have found a gut pile and drag marks.
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Old 11-06-2009, 03:21 PM
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Wow. How pathetic some people are just blows my mind. It would be a very bad day for someone if this ever happened to me and I caught them in the process of stealing my deer or figured out who it was that took it. I dont think I could have any tolerance for someone that low.
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Old 11-06-2009, 03:25 PM
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Shoot does, no one will try to steal them. Ah,,,the influence of Saturday morning T.V. hunting shows.
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Old 11-06-2009, 08:58 PM
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Around here they'll steal does first, but they do steal antlers too. There was a story in my local paper last year or year before about the head and antlers missing from a buck hung in a tree in Bethany MO. Was found I believe in the neighbors basement. Now if that person wanted that buck caped and mounted, it just got harder to do, even though his antlers were returned.
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same thing happened four years ago with me and my dad. he shot a decent buck the night before and decided to wait till the morning so i could come help him track and just enjoy the experience. we tracked it across a bean field and went right to where he last saw it. no sign of a blood trail or anything anymore once it hit the woods. after carefully searching the edge of the field for any sign i finally smelled something and right away i knew it smelled like a deer. well, what i was smelling was a gut pile. we knew the other guy hunting the piece and we drove to his house and there is my dads deer hanging from a tree in the backyard. we knocked on the guys house and there was no answer even though his and his wifes car was in the driveway. a week later we were told we were not allowed to hunt there anymore. i was only 17 when this happened and it totally changed my outlook on other hunters. never will i leave a deer lay over night again.
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I personally had one claimed by another hunter once, and it was ok by me. I had shot a buck, not a huge buck but a ten point medium size buck and began tracking down a ditch in the snow. Plenty of blood, he wasn't going far, when a hunter I knew to be near the road at the end of that ditch fired a shot. I figured fine, he got him and I'm done tracking, no big deal. There were much bigger bucks to try for anyway and only one tag to use. So, a few hours later I talked to this guy at the road and he wanted to show off his buck, having no idea that I was the guy who chased it to him. I congratulated him on his buck and mentioned this fact. He got all weird and defensive and had to be leaving now and denied that it was already hit when he shot it, although I know he only fired one shot and there were two holes plainly visible. And of coarse he heard me fire before the deer came to him. Anyway I tried to calm him down and assure him it was his deer and I didn't want it and he quickly left.
I wondered later if he fired to stop me from looking any further, and to create an oportunity to claim that deer.
Now, I've always hunted with the notion that whoever finishes the deer keeps the deer. I mean if it has travelled over say, 100 yds and is still on it's legs and moving, it's fair game for anyone. This rule has always been the way it's done for me and folks I hunt with. So to me it was perfectly ok for this guy to take that buck. Plus it was not an especially good buck, so no need to fight about it. But if that deer had died and I had come upon someone else butchering it, it would have been mine and a fight to the death may have taken place.
Another time I heard a shot close where nobody should be and went to investigate. A fellow had killed a huge buck with 7 points on one side. Unfortunately the other side had been broken off completely and the guy was sick about it. He was actually sneaking away when I caught up to him and informed him he was tresspassing. I then called my dad on the phone and told him to drive around and get the number off this guys truck because he wouldn't ID himself. He knew then that he was caught and started complaining about how it wasn't fair that he should have to use his expensive out of state tag on that buck. I informed him that it wasn't fair that I should have to spend my hunting time on my land dealing with poachers either but that there was no way he was not getting the game warden called on him unless I saw a tagged deer. He tagged the deer in front of me and I left the property and drove to where his truck and my father were sitting on the road. Called the game warden anyway, and explained the situation. No charges for tresspassing, but the warden should check to see that the deer was checked in before the deadline that night, I learned later that it was. So that is another problem. Abandoning a deer because it wasn't what you thought it was when you fired.
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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander
No morals, no ethics, no sportsmanship, no pride.......... but they do have a full freezer. It takes all kinds.
Be careful my friend of talking ethics here, as we both recall some people don't like it when we share our notions of sportsmanship. LOL! Matter o' fact, those same people may think seeing a freshly killed buck as open game to take and is ethical.

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