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Man thats awesome. I've seen a few here in Maine before, but never during hunting season.
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Originally Posted by Ridge Runner
Big, ya did good, piebald deer are the first signs of the heard being overpopulated, and inbreeding. think about it, 1-260.000 carry the gene to make it possible for the offspring to be missing skin pigments, so 2 deer both carrying the gene crossed paths in your area, ya need to shoot a bunch of brown ones too! Think I've killed 2 piebalds and a few others with small white patches where they shouldn't be.
Congrats on your trophy.
First of good for you on the piebald deer.. It looks quite a bit like the one me and my daughter saw on youth day hunting up here. Except the one we saw was a fawn and was white than that one except for the head, ears, and neck area. Congrats!!!

I am not sure if it is inbreeding or not. Up in this area there is not an awfull lot of deer and we are seeing more and more piebalds each year. So it is deffinately nothing to do with the amount of deer in your area that is for sure. I am thinking up this way it is more of a survival thing for the winter months than anything else. But it could possably be inbreeding from not having that many deer around.. Who really knows the answer? I did get one piebald once though with not even close to the amount of white this one shows..
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if that deer was killed on public land then i think you made a great decision in taking him. just because if i was huntin the same land and you let him walk i would have definitely takin a crack at him. awesome lookin deer though. congrats. i had to pass up a similar looking deer, just with a smaller rack, because it was on a drive and i had standers about 30 yards ahead of me. it was neat to have him stand 15 yards in front of me though for about two minutes. such a tease. congrats again
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Default PieBald

Congrats BigCountry,

I was fortunate enough to stalk and shoot one with a bow several years back. Had the hide tanned and it still hangs in my shop. Has stirred up many conversations throughout the years.
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awesome, congrats!
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Good looking buck, congrats.

I would have taken him..no doubt. I've never seen one myself. That cape will look nice tanned out.

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cool deer man, we have a few in pa every once in awhile you hear about them, nice work
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Default Don't rist it

Originally Posted by wingchaser_labs
I'd suggest sending it out to be soft tanned. It's tough to get em soft enough doing it yourself. WCL
x2 I would send it off, especially with those kind of marking and all. I think it looks way cool! Good luck, nice buck
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Congratulations! I have seen one piebald deer here in NY while driving on the Taconic Parkway through Westchester County. I always wonder what I would do if I saw one within bow range. I am 99% sure I would take a shot and hope to have it to mount. Money is tight here too, VERY, but it's just such an awesome thing to see and extremely rare to me. I understand not having the money though, so sending it out would be my next choice, like everybody else says. We had some rails stolen off our set-up, so now the whole thing is for sale, 2 Loggy Bayou stands, 9 Gorillla sticks and 2 Fall Guys just so that we can have money to buy a climber. If it doesn't sell, no money for climber = no hunting this year. Well, I can always do the still hunting thing, and I will if all else fails. Sorry to get off topic. Congrats again on a beautiful animal and good luck with the tanning!
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Awesome, I would like to try tanning one day...... Anywho Were did you hit 'em? The pic looks like there is a wound on his rearend. Is that becasue of gutting him or some cut he got while running after he got hit?
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