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thats awsome... think about it. thats just like killin a 180"... there aint a whole lot of em... congrats
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We had two Piebalds like that in upstate NY where my father lives, one doe and one 5 point. I think the 5point was killed but we still see the doe running around. Neat to look at and watch, we haven't killed them just so we can watch them lol. Congrats on a unique trophy!
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congrats ! cool deer for sure.
as far as tanning, think about it, a 100 bucks to have it done right, or all that time and effort to try it your self. Defleshing it by hand has to be time consuming and a pain in the arse.
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Cool buck-i shot a piebald 5pt quite a few years ago too, but it definitely did not have the awesome markings/character yours does. I got my hide tanned as well. I kinda agree with the other guys here, i would send it out. It would really be a shame if it didnt come out right doin it yourself. Experiment on a normal hide first, not this one. Its too unique.
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Actually this is my buddies Joes deer. I just thought it was beatiful and him and me were having a discussion on wheather it's mountable or not. If it was a cape only, I wanted to try to tan it myself. Just wanted to get some input on what you guys thought. I thought he posted here, but doesn't much.

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IM GLAD THE Coin landed right side up..i woulda taken em too, i never seen one befor either, id a done the same.
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Thats cool man! I've never seen one
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That's a cool looking deer for sure!
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Here in Oklahoma it is illegal to kill white or piebald deer.
Of course there are a lot of Native American tribes here and just about all of them find them sacred and wont kill them, mostly
they believe they are a gift from the creator to be admired and a sign of a good herd( kinda like a white buffalo).
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that is an awesome trophy,congrats.
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