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lets clear things up

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Originally Posted by Strutter! View Post
your statements are the equivalent of saying the very first p.c. is just as good as todays top of the line p.c. granted you dont need the newest or best of everything to kill a deer but i think technology certainly increases your odds, espeially when bowhunting.
not even close. it would be like comparing a 12" monitor to a 16" monitor. in respect to optics anyways

bows have a come a long way in 20 years thats for sure. optics havent in 40 years
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I'm with you brother! It is all a bunch of commercial hype. Hunting is just plain ol' woodsmanship, playing the wind right, being still and quiet. They have done to hunting just like they have done to Christmas! It is one big money making deal for retailers. Someone stated about wanting data to support your remarks, there is a lot of data to support it. I say simple is better. Don't complicate things with a bunch of gadgets!
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ZREXPILOT-You're the man! I agree with most of your beliefs to no-BS hunting (except I love my high-end rifles and scopes). I watched my father growing up hunting like you decribed; no camo, no gadgets, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and consisently taking alot of bucks.

I find the scent killer crowd and the corn additive/food supplement hunting products the most outrageous. I really cannot fathom paying over $100 dollars per garment for that scent blocking/concealing junk. I sweat walking to the stand in the Florida heat and still kill my fair share of bucks- didn't get busted the first time last year..

And corn additives? Really? Like they aren't going to eat the plain corn by itself as well if I don't add a syrup-like substance over the top of it? LOL

I still bow hunt with the Reflex Extreme I bought new 11 years ago too. It still got the job done on 5 bucks last year...

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red field wide fields (member that one )
Hey, I resemble that remark !!!!

I bought my 30-06, BAR auto, Redfield Widefield 4X scope, mounts ( flip mounts at that), case and a box of shells back in 1969 for $225.00 and that rifle can still drive tacks at 100 yds !!

I hunt the same way you do, sit down, shut up and be still.

My Blind ?? a bunch of tree limbs and branches bunched up around a standing tree.

Heck, I've shot deer when I was building fires to keep warm, smoking (when I did that) my menthol cigs and probably making all kinds of racket and all of a sudden I look up and there is a buck about 40 yards from me, looking right at me !!!!

Camo ?? ya Right, I wear blue jeans and my required balze orange jacket and hat. My boots, I do buy a good pair of boots, light and insulated...Wisconsin gets cold in November !!!!

I agree with most...too many gadgets in most cases. !!!!
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The last deer i killed, I was in an old homemade wooden stand over a travel lane; wearing work clothes with no scent masker or attractant, and shooting an old Remington 870. I decided a while back that i would rather spend my money on buying land instead of hunting toys.
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I guess my Dad told me the secret of getting my deer when I was about 12 years old. He said," sit down, don't move, shut up, and be patient". He also told me "hunt only where the deer are."

WOW!!! I about stood up and applauded when I read that. I get caught up in some of the hype too but this really does sum up a pretty good formula for success
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I always wondered if I was different because I have never bought into all the gimicks that seem to be the rage and a must have for deer hunting . This post kind of clears that up for me . Been hunting for close to 60 years with 100 percent success rate guess I'll just keep on doing it the old way .
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I just wonder what Sitting Bull would think of all our "primitive" weapons now days ???

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No need for me to reply since I knew all this from the sixties, before computer chairs.
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LOL guys wake up. Seems like a bunch of you are hating that technology has taken over the world. Get over it.

I'm glad this guy knows everything about hunting and how to do it properly. Thank you for being so knowledgable and the rest of us are just so stupid.
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