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lets clear things up

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What about a safety harness??????!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by zrexpilot
I take it you bought a scent lock suit.
No - never owned one.

Not disagreeing with the message for the most part - just the holy delivery.
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Originally Posted by zrexpilot
Hunt down wind and you could fart the whole time.
I have a funny story about something like that that happend during gun season after WAY too many cups of coffee that morning. Kind of disgusting actually.
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If you have spent ANY time in the woods, you would know that deer CAN smell you!! And I know that sometimes when I dont was my clothes in that scent remover stuff, I get busted more often.

And camo!! Are you retarted? Even if deer ARE color blind the pattern from the camo still blends you in with your surroundings.
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The terrain around you is #1 factor when it comes to swirling winds. If you're hunting hogs from a tripod there's probably no trees or you are on a field edge so the wind stays steady all day, but if you were bow hunting a draw or ridge top in a big woods the winds gonna move around due to thermals, terrain, etc. I always put the wind in my favor, But the less scent i take in to my stand, the better my chances are of not getting busted, and its payed off more than once.
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you are right we really don't need half of the hunting junk we buy.
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Originally Posted by 3sheets
Alrighty then, how bout a pic or two of that old 30-30 of yours with the Tasco 4X scope?? Take you time thou, as I'm guessing you'll have to borrow a camera and then hitch a ride to library to upload the pictures.

got one better heres my .22 hornet single shot and tasco

and the clothes I wore for this hunt, and I stalked this one.
no bait, food plot and land I never hunted before

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I agree with most of what has been said. Most hunting shows are just 30 minute infomercials, peddling crap! I disagree with the notion that scent and camo are not important though! Camo is important to breakup your outline, but cheap camo IS just as good as any other camo. As for scent control, nothing is better than playing the wind, but it helps to be as SCENT FREE as possible! That said, the biggest ripoff in hunting sales is "scent control clothing!" 50 cents worth of good old "Arm & Hammer" beats 'em all!
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20 yd shot no camo no scent control, pile of corn

80 yd shot no camo no scent control no bait no blind

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the man speakes the truth,,i am a meat hunter ,,u dont need all that nonsense,,,it harder to kill a big old doe than a decenct buck in my area ,,,,
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