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Default Mineral

Have any of you tried putting out mineral? If so would you say it worked and recommend it or would you recommend some other form of bait.
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Default RE: Mineral

I'd recommend some other form.[8D]
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Default RE: Mineral

Cheap trace mineral block is very good if you put it out now, problem some states its illegal
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Default RE: Mineral

I'm kind of confused, you want a mineral site, or do you want bait?

I use mineral sites to help out the does that are nursing fawns in the spring and summer, as well as to get trail cam pics of bucks growing their head gear.. Usually a home made mixture, sometimes specific products. If I were you I'd go the cheap route, home-brew. I usually just freshen existing ones.. but the one below is a brand new one, a few weeks old. Once the rain dissolves it all in the surrounding area, they'll continue to hit it hard, often times even digging it out 8-12 inches deep.

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Default RE: Mineral

I've used them but NOT for hunting over.Use them in the spring and summer,great for the deer.
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Default RE: Mineral

1 part dicalcium phosphate and 3 parts trace mineral salt. I put out 40 lbs at 2 stations 1 month ago and they are seeing action. I will replenish in June.
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Default RE: Mineral

I would only do it on a piece of land I owned and where I was practicing QDM. Otherwise it's not really wirth it.
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Depends on your definition of worth. Compared to the cost of food plots establishing a mineral site is inexpensive.The lactating does and their fawns benefit just as much as the bucks.
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I started using NaCl blocks way, way back. Some 20 yeas or so ago I read an article put out by Auburn Univ. about the value of supplemental minerals for deer health. Bottom line of that article is an artificial lick made from a mix of Dicalcium Phosphate and NaCl works well. The NaCl acts more as the attractant. the di-cal is the mineral that helps the deer's health,. Lactating does go through a bunch of calcium. Poor browse can lead to bone degeneration because the calcium intake is going primarily to the production of milk, The di-cal is supposed to help that a bunch. the article also mentioned using a high mineral supplement that is used for dairy cattle. It too is loaded with calcium. According to what I recall, the article recommended no more than 25% NaCl by weight. Because of economics, I general use about a 2-1 mix, NaCl to Di-cal. Di-cal was about $20/50# last spring. NaCl was about $6/50#.

I hunt a tad over 3100 acres. I have made about 13 salt licks. I put out 3000# in 2007 and 1500# last spring. I have not made the rounds yet this year. There is still plenty in each lick but I plan to put out about 1500# again. Trail cameras clearly show that the deer bomb these licks in the spring-summer. Some of the photos show as many as 8 deer digging in at the same time. Even have two shots of a raccoon holding a lump of crusted salt and wearing it out. After about mid September, use of the licks drops to practically nothing.
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Default RE: Mineral

Yes, we use mineral. We put ours out beginning in late spring through the summer months. This allows the bucks to recieve the proper mineral for antler production and it helps with the does who are lactating.

We currently use EarthQuake Tub Rack Ehancer made by Maximum Draw Products. They are located in Western KY. Their mineral has everything and I mean EVERYTHING the deer need and then some. We get the 10lb tubs and they last about 4-6 months depending on site usage. The cost is really reasonable at $15.00 per tub. This is the second year we have used their mineral and it works when nothing else will. We are very pleased.

They also have a wonderful food plot mix as well. You can check their products out at www.maximumdraw.com

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M. Culvert
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