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shot placement

Old 02-10-2009, 04:46 PM
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Default RE: shot placement

Depends, 75 or less yards and if it is a buck I don't intend to mount, I will shoot them in the neck. After that it is usually behind the shoulder. I shot a 5 point meat deer last week in the neck and I think if I had of just cut the hide around the neck the whole head would have fell off.
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Default RE: shot placement

Heck, I just shoot them in the head...
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Default RE: shot placement

I like to put it in the shoulder.
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Default RE: shot placement

If it were a perfect world and I had a perfect broadside shot, I would trace up the back side of the crosshairs and shoot about an inch behind the front shoulder. What really happens is I take a shot when I get the opportunity even if the deer is quartering. Then I try to visualize the heart/lungs and put it where it will do the job as quickly as possible.
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Default RE: shot placement

I aim a little under halfway up right at the shoulder crease. I usually don't have deer drop on the spot to much but rarely do they go more than 40 yards. Plus, I rarely ruin any meat at all. I low lunged a doe this year and she made it about 100 yards in an open Bean field but that is the longest Ive had one go on me. Ive seen articles and pictures that say more of the vitals are located in front of the shoulder crease than behind, but Ive been aiming at the crease since I started hunting and it hasn't failed me yet!
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Default RE: shot placement

ORIGINAL: Andrew_outdoors

Depends on what you are using. If your bow hunting hitting the shoulder isn't going to do you or the deer much good and you should aim just behind the shoulder. If you have a rifle, taking out the shoulder presents you with an opportunity at the heart, and possibly breaking the shoulder, preventing the animal from getting too far.

Not sure what anatomy book you looked at, but a shoulder shot ain't gonna give you much chance at the heart unless you are at a heller step angle.
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Default RE: shot placement

Ditto fastetti shot placement.
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Default RE: shot placement

just behind the shoulder.
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Default RE: shot placement

You'll learn the benefits of the shoulder shot if you hunt public lands. We've all heard the stories of fatally hit deer being taken by other hunters, 150 yds down the bloodtrail.

With a gun I generally shoot to hit the offside shoulder.
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Default RE: shot placement

right in the crease behind the shoulder.
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Quick Reply: shot placement

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