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shot placement

Old 02-11-2009, 12:06 PM
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Default RE: shot placement

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I always aim for the shoulder, unless I don't have the shot then I wait or go for the neck. I shoot a .243 and have never dropped a deer hit in the shoulder, and it wastes some meat, just a habit I guess.
That makes no sense. You always aim for the shoulder, but you have never dropped a deer hit in the shoulder? Am I reading this wrong? Anyway, I usually aim behind the shoulder, gun or bow.
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Default RE: shot placement

i see alot saying they like a neck ,neck shots are usualy not takin unless the deer is close . close neck shot is sometimes the worst shot you can take,bullet sometime zip right thru and the deer walks. most shoulder shots will drop a deer,but a big bodied deer may just run off to die or survive a shoulder shot. use a good bullet and try to hitem just behind the shoulder blade from the middle downward .

when you first start deer hunting most will shoot mid body just to make sure they don't miss. to improve your shooting ,start varmit hunting after a while your shot placement on bigger animals will tighten up. there is no perfect shot to drop every deer in its tracks ,i've shot them dead in the heart and they still run 75yds.
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Default RE: shot placement

behind the shoulder
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Default RE: shot placement

Whitetails IMO are an amazingly tuff animal for thier size.The only deer that I ever drop in its tracks was a deer I shot @ 30 yards slightly quatering away w/ a 12 gauge slug.I've hit deer broadside to me w/ a 30.30 & 30.06 right behind the shoulder & they ran,not far but they still ran.IMO the "ideal" shot is a deer quartering away so you could hit behind the shoulder & also hit the opposite shoulder.
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Default RE: shot placement

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Depends on what you are using. If your bow hunting hitting the shoulder isn't going to do you or the deer much good and you should aim just behind the shoulder. If you have a rifle, taking out the shoulder presents you with an opportunity at the heart, and possibly breaking the shoulder, preventing the animal from getting too far.

Not sure what anatomy book you looked at, but a shoulder shot ain't gonna give you much chance at the heart unless you are at a heller step angle.
Sorry, i don't think i clarified enough, I didn't mean the shoulder blade but the muscular shoulder area.

Right in the fleshy area where the arteries meet the lungs, that's what i meant. Not the scapula, sorry.

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Default RE: shot placement

Does get shot in the Head. No lost meat and a clean kill. I've never had a deer run far after taking a head shot. If you miss at least you don't have an injured deer running around. If head shot is not there I then shoot for the neck and my 3rd spot is behind the shoulder. I Have seen deer run pretty far on three legs and hitting in the shoulder actually decreases your chances of vitals being hit.
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Default RE: shot placement

I'd aim for the crosshair (heart/double lung), but any shot inside the dark red circle will be quickly lethal.


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Default RE: shot placement

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Default RE: shot placement

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I'd aim for the crosshair (heart/double lung), but any shot inside the dark red circle will be quickly lethal.


Great Picture Drift! I agree completely with the red circle. I actually aim for 2 inches below the center of the big circle(2 inches higher than you). You hit a deer there or driftriders crosshair spot, he/she isn't going far. You'll get one heck of a blood trail as well.

I just saw Rebels post. Rebel, you go my crosshair spot dead on!
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Default RE: shot placement

I put it there because of the way that I sight in my rifles (max point-blank-range, +/- 3"). Since most of my shots will be well within 200 yards, the bullet is going to be above the line-of-sight during most of that time, so the POI would actually be up to 3" above that mark depending on the range. If the shot were farther than 250 yards, I'd aim slightly higher to about the middle of the big circle, but I've never had a situation where that was necessary (yet).


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Quick Reply: shot placement

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