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Deer calling. Give me some advice.

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Default Deer calling. Give me some advice.

I've been hunting on and off throughout my life but never really got into calling or rattling. I have been reading around, and as I understand it there are "social calls," doe bleets, and buck calls. Is that correct? Social calls are good before the rut, doe bleets and buck calls working best during or slightly before the rut.

What does everyone use, and how often? Thanks.
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Default RE: Deer calling. Give me some advice.

I just recently checked out a book from the library that addresses the different kind of calls. I am by no means an expert on the subject but from what I understand there are essentialy 5 different kinds of calls that can be used at different times of the the year.

The first and most versital is just a short soft social call that is used by bucks and does a like. Another is the doe/ fawn bleat that can be used to attract deer during pre-rut.

The last three are more for use during the rut, the doe in estrus call, a trailing buck call and a tending buck call. The 2 later calls are similar but one is used while the bukcs are chasing a doe and the tending call is used when a buck is staying with a hot doe and is used to warn would be suitors.

I'm sure someone with more experience in with calling can elaborate on this a little more.
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Default RE: Deer calling. Give me some advice.

sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't
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Default RE: Deer calling. Give me some advice.

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Default RE: Deer calling. Give me some advice.

rattling works through all three rut phases as well as grunting..but there are different grunts and growls you can make that sends a different message..and combining them almost always ends up with success if you do it at the right times and make the right sounds..using the right scents etc..i know it sounds a little confusing but the best way to learn is practice and through trial and error..the best thing to do is to purchase a dvd and watch it..read magazines and take notes
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Default RE: Deer calling. Give me some advice.

In my opinion, if you are calling any time other than the rut or very close to it, you may need a better spot. If you want to see more deer, making noises from your treestand does not seem like a great method to me. I read up about it and watched a few videos but never felt like it was helping me in the field to see more deer. It just seemed like I was making too much noise.
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Default RE: Deer calling. Give me some advice.

you can call a deer in almost any time..u just have to send the right message
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Default RE: Deer calling. Give me some advice.

I've callled and rattled both. With theratios where I hunt, rattleing does not seem to work, at least not like in Texas. I've had some luck with social calls (maybe 1 in 50). I tend to use the callsonly when I see deeroutside of range and I am trying to bring them in.
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Default RE: Deer calling. Give me some advice.

Calling is a good tool to use. There are certin times for different calls. In my experence the the best time to call is during the rut. During the pre rut when most states are having the early bow season, that is more of a social time, Bucks are still in their bachlor groups, Doing a little sparing to establish a pecking order, This is when you want to use social grunts, Soft grunts (buck or Doe) These vocalizations are more of a courisity call, Just saying Hey Iam over here. Short soft, One or two grunts at a time, a few minutes apart, (if blind calling) if you are trying to call in some does you can also use a fawn bleat, When it comes to calling in the rut that is the time to be agressive, Now things are getting heated in the woods, Does are comming into estrus and the testostaron levels in the bucks are getting out of control. At this time you can use a combination of grunts. I like to use a doe estrus bleat combined with a young buck grunt, The young buck grunt is not so much from the gut like a dominant buck but more from the throat. This gets the big bucks attention, gets him thinking a young buck is trying to move in on his girls and he wont be liking that. you can also ues a tending grunt, That is when a buck has found a hot doe and is trying to get her to stand for him, Its almost like he grunts everytime he breaths, in and out. IF you see a buck just out of range and are trying to get him to come in and grunting is not working you can use a Snort Weezz challenge. It is a three note agressive call, Phift-Phift-Phisssssssss, sounds like you letting the air out of a tire. Primos came out with this call this year, It's called the Buck Roar. Good call, IMO Well I am by no meens an expert but I hope this might help. Good luck this season.
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