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my luck this year

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Default my luck this year

I have gotten three year this year, i got three last year as well but i think i did better this year.

My first deer was a 6 point from arkansas, we went down there stayed a night with my family, went hunting, the second day of hunting, i looked straight ahead and saw a big doe leap out of the limber line, you can't shoot does in arkansas with a rifle if your out of stater. I waited and finally i saw some movement right behind that doe and sure enough my buck popped out, i waited for about 20 minutes just for the deer to get close enough, i took the shot, i didn't get a good shot on the first one so i gave him another..... missed..... *hint: this is my dad's rifle, i only shot it once to get use to it and get to know where to aim.* i took another shot missed the my last shot i acaully hit it and dropped it right there. pictures will come soon (once my uncle emails them to me lol)

okay my second buck this year was a 8 point during shotgun season. We we're at one of ours friends land and a little herd of does run right to my other uncle that lives here in iowa with us, they go over there but i hear no shots, then i see why he didn't shoot this 8 point was right behind them does, he shot 2 times at it and missed them both, than the buck ran towards me, and sense my uncle didn't get it i thought maybe i could, i took a shot at it and got it. it ran about 30 yards and dropped. no pictures for this one sorry.

my third deer was a doe, i shot it yesterday. We went to my dad's friend's house, he owns a garden business and he always has deer in hir corn feild, so yesterday we were walking out, me, my dad, my brother, and my grandpa. We set my grandpa next to a tree that was close to the pond and my brother wen't about 100 yards up the fence line and sat and me and my dad were walking towards were we were gonna sit and saw 4 does standing there looking at us, i got the muzzleloader up and was looking which one was bigger but then they ran off without a shot. So we were walking to the area when my dad goes andy look in front of us, there were 2 does, we standed there for like 30 secs when my dad goes shoot the one behind it so i got it aimed and i shot, i dropped the doe right there. we went to feild dress it and when we were done we kept hunting because we i had 1 more tag and my dad had a tag so we went to go sit and like 5 minutes later my dad goes theres some deer coming to us, the big one turned around and went towards my doe that i shot and stood up there for awhile, then 2 moe came close but none in shooting range, than we looked to our left and a little one comes around us and goes off some where. than when it was about time to go my dad told me to walk towards my doe and he was gonna walk around incase i scared one of them to him. So i was walking when i looked up and right next to my doe i saw another doe sniffing it. i stood there like oh no what should i do, because it was staring right at me. it ran off so i slowly walked forward a few steps and i hear a snort. two does go running forward, i didn't have any calls with me so i did my own little grunt. they stopped i grunnted again they walked towards me a little ways, then they ran off wheezing than i thought hey maybe i should try that, so i tried doing a wheeze without a call and it seemed to work because those does were pawing at the ground and coming towards me pretty fast, they got about 20 yards and i didn't have a good shot because there was a tree between us, they saw me when they got really close and they ran off then i wheezed again and they turned around and came right back, then they finally ran off. I walked over the hill the 5 more does were coming to my calling, they were headed my way, but they got a little spooked and jumped and ran.

Well i got back to the cabin and told me stories to my family

what a great year.

and i have 1 more weekend for bowhunting, so we'll see what happends then.
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