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Am I wrong here..?

Old 12-03-2007, 07:41 AM
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Default Am I wrong here..?

Well i dont know if you guys remember but about a week or so ago i posted on how one of our club members may in fact be the worst hunter in the world. Well now i have put my foot in my mouth to say that somehow he stumbled onto a nice 9 pt. this past saturday. Let the story begin..

We will call this guy "Encore" (TC Encore: Pro Hunter) because he is in fact a "pro hunter". Anyway, Encore stumlbed his way onto a nice 9 pt. on saturday and somehow a shot opportunity. He shot twice, not sure where he hit (his gun hasnt been sighted in 6-7 years) and said he found some good blood so he followe the trail for about an hour until he heard a shot in the direction where the buck took off, thinkin someone had gotten his buck his reply was "I better get atleast one of those damned horns!" Anyway he got up into another one of our stands and figured the chances of finding his nice buck were gone. My brother had notified my dad and I of Enrcore's buck, and with our prior knowledge of Encore's savvy in the woods we figured to help him track. My dad picked up the blood trail Encore lost almost instantly and followed it for another 50 yards until it ended again, this time we thought for good. Well i got back there about 30 mins. later and we began tracking again. With no blood or any sign whatsoever, I picked up the trail some 100 yards down the ridge. From that point forward it were as if my dad and were leading Stevie Wonder through the woods, because Encore's lack of contributions to finding this deer. He spent the entire time lagging behind making hasteful comments toward this buck, cursing at him for not dying right away, and other just barbaric comments. Well we followed the trail down to a STEEP creek bottom where deer usually die cause they cant make up the opposite ridge. After finding a few drops in the creek bottom my dad and i both said "if this deer starts goin back up this side of the ridge we are in trouble" Sure enough we pick up blood heading up the ridge and Encores reaction was "Oh s**t, we might as well back out. My dad and i just ignored him as we wanted to find this deer (Encore said it was a nice buck, so we were anxious to find him.) After following the trail for another 30-45 minutes we took a break on top of the ridge to gather our thoughts, while dad and I gameplanned, Encore texted on his cell phone. As we topped over the ridge I saw the buck bedded down, and still alive. So my dad who was carrying his gun snuck down on him and made a fatal shot, right behind the shoulder. After examining the deer we found that Encore's shots had broken the deers right leg, and shattered the bucks jaw (ABSOLUTELY PITIFUL sight, i can understand a shot in the leg, we all miss low sometimes, but in the jaw??? come on now..) Anyway I ended up dragging the buck out of the woods for Encore and my dad and I were more excited that Encore himself. What ticks me off so much is that this is such a nice buck for our area, and he could careless. Once we did find him, he showed no emotion or excitement, it was almost as if he was saying "Oh well, we found it.." all my dad and I got for finding this deer was a generic "thanks.." And as soon as we found the deer Encore stated, I need to hurry up and leave I have to go DJ a a dance..

He obvisouly didnt deserve this buck, but he actually claims this deer as his. I look at this buck as my dad and mine's buck, not so much mine as it is my dads for making the fatal shot on him, all i did was pick up the blood trail and follow it.

Sorry this is so long, but i need to vent [:@].. any feed back is much appreciated!
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Old 12-03-2007, 07:48 AM
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Default RE: Am I wrong here..?

Your dad took the buck (made the ONLY fatal shot on it) so it was your dad's buck and I'd kick ole Encore off the property.
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Old 12-03-2007, 09:06 AM
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Default RE: Am I wrong here..?

I'm sorry guys but here is where I don't agree with the "the deer belongs to the person who drew first blood" spoke about in another thread. I applaud Rockin Chair and his father for going the extra mile in finding this "loafs" Encores deer. It should have obviously gone to Rockin Chairs father in my opinion. I say it's time to vote this Encore out and never invite him back.
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Old 12-03-2007, 09:25 AM
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Default RE: Am I wrong here..?

I know if the buck walked past my stand with a broken leg and I shot him it would be my deer...........but if your helping a buddy track a deer he made a bad shot on.......and it played out like it did you wouldn't have any problems handing the deer over.............I think the issue is you got a jackass that made an ill advised shot on a
good deerand yall tracked him for hours for the JA, who doesn't seem to care. In my opinion I would have wanted to keep the deer too, however since he shot the deer, and like it or not you were helping him out, I'd say the JA gets the deer. I would rather your dad get the deer too, but if it was one of your best friends you were helping you'd give him the deer. sorry, just my opinion. Do we get to see a picture of the deer?
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Default RE: Am I wrong here..?

There is no question it is your dads deer.
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Default RE: Am I wrong here..?

Sounds to me that Encore is not a real hunter , but a fake.If anyone that shoots a deer (any deer) is too lazy or just not interested in following a blood trail he should not be there at all.That makes us real hunters sound bad.Does this guy just hunt to be your friend or to fit in?Whatever the answer he wouldnt be hunting with me anymore and he gave up so that is not his deer.He would have gave up long ago right????????So that deer was gonna lay there another day or so and suffer and die.Encore didnt seem to care then so why care now
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Default RE: Am I wrong here..?

I congratulate you and your dad sticking it out and finding the deer. You need to get rid of that Encore guy and keep the buck.
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Default RE: Am I wrong here..?

Yes i will get the picture up here as soon as my laptop decides to work again. But in response to ero112, I believe he hunts now to be spiteful, because he and our club had an altercation over the offseason because he chose to not accept our management practice of only taking 8 pointers. He siad he was going to shoot any 4 ptr. he saw, and this year is the most he has hunted, ever. He is doin all this out of spite which makes me hate the fact he got a nice buck even more. Dad and I, were not helping himoutinfinding the deer. Us, being sportsmen, owed it to that nice buck to find him. Antoher thing i forgot to mention is the comments he made about the buck after we recovered it. Sorry for the cursing but he said: "This is a large son of a b***h" "I wish this f*****g deer would have died earlier so we didnt have to track it so far!!" "I was hopein he was a 10 pts. (The buck is a 9 ptr.) it must be f*****g retarted to have an odd number of points!" and several other comments that were uneducated and barbaric. Me personally, say a prayer after every deer i harvest thanking the Lord for the opportunity, and this brings a quote of Bob Zaiglin's in D&DH, something to the effect of " Every accomplished hunter has a certain devotion and respect for the animals they hunt" I believe that every hunter should portray a feeling of respect and devotion to every animal they harvest, not cuss and feel like such a tough guy..

This gets me heated the more i think about it[:@]
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Default RE: Am I wrong here..?

here are two pictures of the buck:


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Default RE: Am I wrong here..?

First of all I do not understand why you refer to him as a pro hunter?

I have never hunted with anyone like your friend. I honestly cannot reply from personal experiences.
One comment made was that it should still be Encore's buck because it was in fact - helping a buddy find his deer. That is something we have done over the years a few times and there is absioutely no doubt the deer will belong to the guy who initially shot.

That feeling would have gone out the window as soon as he wanted to turn back and give up looking for the deer. I would have told him;...Don't get lost on the trip back to camp" and I would have stayed with your Dad in search of that buck. Because, as you said, you are not looking for it tohelp your buddy, you owe it to the animal.

Mr. Encore is a classless, arrogant hunter that would never be welcome in my camp. Just his comments alone confirned that.

I would file this under "learning experience" and I would also shake Dad's hand inyour efforts to work togetherto help find that deer.

I tip my hat to you both!

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