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deer hunting trips

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Default deer hunting trips

im 13 been huntin for 5 years and harvestid my first one this year a button buck. i have always dreamed of going on a show like on tv and killing a monster like they always do on tv ive heard it cost a lot of money what do u think.
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Default RE: deer hunting trips

You've been hunting deer since you were 8? What took you so long, I killed my first 10 pointer when I was 4.

Kids today, no drive!
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Default RE: deer hunting trips

I'm 56 and I still dream about a 200" monster buck........
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Default RE: deer hunting trips

thanks for the advice.
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Default RE: deer hunting trips

Big Buck Killer,
First, congratulations on killing your first buck. Keep at it. Hunting is like any other sport, the more you work at it the better you will become.

However, there are some things you need to know. I hate to burst your bubble about TV hunting shows but here goes. They are pretty much all acted out and pre-planned. I hate to use the word "fake" but many of them are pretty close to that. I have been involved with somewhere around 10 or so hunting shows that were made for TV and I've seen what happens. I've been around when some of the biggest names on hunting TV were filming and I can tell you first hand that most of the "hunting" is acting.
Kill shots are edited, the "walk up" on a dead animal is acted, the talking in a hush whisper while in the stand...also acting. I saw a show a while back where a guy was standing next to a running diesel pickup that wasmaking it's "clack clack clack" noise that diesels make, and the guy was talking in a hushed whisper like he was in the stand....rediculous. Many times the stalking and hunting scenes are done after the animal is already dead because they need more footage.

Most of these tv shows will call a guide or a rancher and make a deal for a free hunt in trade for advertising which is why they put the ranch/guides number up on the screen several times during the hunt. The TV people get a free hunt out of the deal and the guide/rancher may or may not get actual business out of the deal. Team ...tree requires guaranteed kills for all hunters and camera men on the hunt. Do you really thing they are out there busting their hump on a real hunt like everyone else?

It's all about the sponsors and the money. The best way for you to get yourself on one of these hunts is to be a sponsor, rockstar or racecar driver.

Remember a few things as you go about becoming a better hunter: A Team Fillintheblank sticker on your truck does not make you a hunter, it makes you a free advertisement for someone else. Belonging to Trophy Associations does not make you a hunter, it makes you a paying member of a for-profit club so the owners of the association can pay for their south Texas ranches and their deer breeding programs.

I hate to lay it out there like that but it's better that you learn it early before you grow up thinking that hunting shows are any different from any other shows on TV.
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Default RE: deer hunting trips

start saving your money today lol
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Default RE: deer hunting trips

I know of some on these shows that kill nice animals.But they have Sponsors that help them with equipment,set them up with Guides and places to hunt that gives them a better than average chance on killing a BC or PY animal.Outfitters are the ones showing more attention to the ones that will bring them more money.I know in the early '80's I was in camp in Idaho with Hank Willams Jr. yes they fell all over theirselves to make sure he was happy.I didn't care I killed what I wanted and I had a good time.Last year I went on a hunt,there was 7 other Guys in Camp,but since I was putting up the most money the Outfitter was making sure I didn't go home unhappy,which I didn't.

Some of the shows are High Fenced,but they are trying to get away from this.So these people are doing alot of hunting before they make a kill that they can make a show out of.

I was talking with one person that had two hunts,within a week of each other.First hunt went great killed a very nice buck.Then they hit bitter cold,snow and Full Moon on the second hunt,which this is not looking good to start out with.They get there,the Outfitter didn't want to get out,he told them where to set up.They go out not knowing the area,wasn't doing any good.They go back talked to the Guy,tell him they need to set up in a better spot.So he tells them where to set up again.They set up,but weren't really sure they was on his property.Well this person spoted a Mature Deer,seen it had a halfway desent Rack.Waited for a shot took it.Well it tured out to be a Buck with a messed up cull Rack,plus only had three Legs.

This person called it to tell how they did on these hunts,like they said everyone was excited on the first one.Then dropped the Bomb on the second one.Told them if they could make a show out of it more power to them.Which they managed to do.

Only thing I can tell you is stay in School.If you have a chance to make friends with people in the business go for it.There is people out there helping Kids get started.I know some of them well.

big rockpile
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Default RE: deer hunting trips

well im 12 and ive killed 2 9pts. and a wild hog ive been hunting for like 5yrs. ive been shooting for 3years i got onething every year i am going to begin turkey hunting eventually........anyway back to the subject.......at our deer camp my twin (ferternal twins)he's a guy) he videotapes our hunts maybe you could videotape ur hunts and send them to the guys on tv
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