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full moon

Old 10-31-2007, 01:28 AM
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Default full moon

i have heard 2 different typys of stories about the full moon.
(1) is that deer feed at night when there is a full moon and bed
down in the day time.
(2) is that deer don't feed at night because outher aniamls can
see them better at night so they bed down at night.
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Default RE: full moon

I have never had as good of experiances in the woods when there was a full moon! Im not saying that you wont get one during the full moon, but the number of deer we see in the woods during the full moon, is much less than the numbers we see during any other time! maybe its just a coincidence! or maybe its just that way in my area!
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Old 10-31-2007, 06:31 AM
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Default RE: full moon

I hunted last week during a full moon and I didn't see a thing until I had about 10 -20 minutes of shooting time left in the evening. It was like somebody hit a switch because there were 3 different groups of deer that came into the field at roughly the same time, from different directions.
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Default RE: full moon

Welcome to the forums! I find that they may get up and move around at any time. I'll be in the woods if I can be at any time!
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Default RE: full moon

I hunted last weekend during the full moon, heard all kinds of shooting just after day break up till about 1000, I even saw a few does walk by around 8....but a cold snap had just came through....maybe that justified it....also that morning around0400 on my way in a saw a herd of 12 does run across the rd out of a huge field
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Default RE: full moon

I didn't used to get too much into the full moon but this past weekend totally changed my thoughts. I didn't see a deer in 16 hours of hunting and I know they are around. Too much deer sign. The moon was definantly bright here with minimal cloud cover.
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Default RE: full moon

From my expierences, I have seen that during a full moon the deer aren't very active during the day, until about the last hour or so of daylight. I have always concluded that at this time, they must be getting out and starting to eat and socialize early. Evening hunts have always been better for me on a full moon than morning hunts.
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Default RE: full moon

I have always heard that the deer are more active and feeding at night. I grew up in the heart of deer country and I asways saw more deer at night during a full moon.

Last weekend I was visiting my parents for dinner and when I left an hour ofter dark the deer were moving. The next day I shot one right before dark.
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