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The Cost of Deer Tags

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Default The Cost of Deer Tags

I am writing an arugment on the cost of deer tags and it's affect on the sport. Does anyone know where I can find any good articles or information on deer tags or just the cost of hunting in general? Thanks much!
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Default RE: The Cost of Deer Tags

I have no idea, but i know that where I hunt at, deer tags are like $30 for a combo deer license. 1 deer with at least 1 ,1 inch point, and the next deer has to have 4 or more points on one side...
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Default RE: The Cost of Deer Tags

For licensing prices, you could go to each state's parks and wildlife service web site.

Here's the page for Texas:


A resident license is $23.00. Most guys also get turkey stamps and migratory bird stamps, etc. I believe the $23.00 license allows you to take up to 5 whitetail deer and 2 mule deer, depending onwhich counties you are hunting.
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Default RE: The Cost of Deer Tags

Can't argue here in NC. For $25.00 we get (in my county) 2 buck tags and 196 doe tags.
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Default RE: The Cost of Deer Tags

Wow, something to be said for Texas and NC after all! All those deer for that little bit of money! In MN the standard license is right around $27, but only for an either sex deer. Depending on your zone and unit you can either take one antlerless, up to four antlerless or no antlerless for $14.50 a tag.
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Default RE: The Cost of Deer Tags

Iowa is $27 and you can get doe tags for $12. Landowner tags are $2. That is in addition to your hunting license and habitat fee.
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Default RE: The Cost of Deer Tags

If a tag is the only thing you buy to hunt then you are one lucky person. . .the tag is just the tip of the typical iceberg. I always need something else, camo, guns, packs, etc etc. What about those scouting trips in the off season.The cost for the Texas deer lease, ouch.
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Default RE: The Cost of Deer Tags

I believe that is a point you cannot argue. I would by tags for all of you guys if you would by my gas, clothes,bow ect........... Tags are not the expensive part
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Default RE: The Cost of Deer Tags

i am origanal from michigan and have family there with propertyand i own property in michigan....the out of state licence fee is crazy....276 dollars....i am used to spending the 30 dollars there...i just moved to ohio with my wife due to there is no auto jobs in michigan...anyways here in ohio you have to get a hunting licence 25 and then a deer tag 25 that adds like to 50 dollars....i know in mi and oh they are going to raise the price of tags in the next couple years....i dont have any where to hunt here in ohio close to me in lima so i was going to go to michigan to my property but to spend 150 in gas, 276 for tags and some other expenses(food) it looks like i might not be able to hunt this year.... the out of state fees are the ones that are crazy....30-50 dollars is not bad but when it is 100+ for a licence i might as well just buy a cow...lol...i agree the fees are driving people away from hunting...i know a few people who have stopped due to the fees...
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Default RE: The Cost of Deer Tags

I bought a lifetime license back in the late 70's or early 80's and haven't had to buy a tag since. Bought my son one when he was about 8 (he's now 25) and he's good to go too.Two of the best investments I ever made.
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Quick Reply: The Cost of Deer Tags

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