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 scouting for deer and found POT!! i think >

scouting for deer and found POT!! i think

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scouting for deer and found POT!! i think

Old 09-07-2007, 02:17 PM
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Default RE: scouting for deer and found POT!! i think

ORIGINAL: longislandhunter

My wife, brotherinlaw and I went scouting a new areawhere I huntlast night abouttwo hours before sunset. AnywayI am following this trail that I thought was a well used deer trail.I came into a little opening deep into the woods and there in frontof usare a bunch of those big rubber storgae containers surrounded by chicken wire fence.I am noyexpert but it looked like tons of huge marijuanna plants growing in these bins.We turned around and high tailed it out of there. I can't be positive of what it was and do not want to ruin my hunting ares nor do i want any trouble. Not sure if I should notify the authorities. I am not a rat but i feel like these poeple are ruining one of th eonly good hunting areas near me. What would you guys do?

Just some quick questions for you. The area that you were scouting, was it in Wading River on the old Navy Co-op property parking area spot # 2? Was it over the walk bridge and to the right, that leads to the Brookhaven National Labs? If so, this has been going on since 1984-1999 prior to moving to WV.

I have notified the DEC at the Ridge Check Station every year, and it seems that all they do is remove the plants every year and I never hear about anyone getting caught.

Do what you think is best.


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Old 09-07-2007, 03:28 PM
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Default RE: scouting for deer and found POT!! i think

i dont know, i agree with bigtim. not a real big deal smoking a little bud. its on public ground and not worth putting ur family at risk.

for those who say "S&W is an easy solution" and or to rock pile who says "I don't let the scum scare me.Had one put a Pistol to my wifes head.Told her if she turned him in he would kill her.So I turned him in." i think thats just dumb. lol ur willing to put ur wife at gun point just to turn in a weed grower and prove your not scared? that doesnt seem too smart IMO, but again thats all it is, my opinion. why would you guys even want to have to carry a handgun on you while hunting? you would still go to jail if you shot them, its not like you have a right to shoot them because they vandalized your property b/c you reported their pot operation? you will go to jail just like yourobbed, shot and killed someone.

you do what ya wish bud, but to me its not worth it. the heck with "being an honest citizen" and all that, if i would feel uncomfortable hunting there at night for fear of retaliation,and i would if they probably already saw you and your vehicle,i would just mind my business - you cant go wrong with keeping ur nose in your own stuff. nowif it was ur land u owned, i say pull it yourself, call cops or wait for them to come back and catch them, but its public land, i would mind my business and know that my life, or my property/family isnt at risk of being vandlized. especially if its a good hunting area, i would not want to risk loosing it or having it contaminated. like i said, it is a drug, but its just some weed. when you guys drive down the street and see a person speeding, do you call the cops and report their tag #? thats a crime, but i doubtmost people who do that.speedingkills more people than weed ever will.ifyou would report themlol, then theres my point right there - theres no helping ya. like i said longisland, do what you wish, but it doesnt make you a bad person to mind ur business IMO.I just know i wouldnt get in someones elses business for something so trivial, especiallyif there is even a slight, 10% chance of harm or danger coming to myself.

To PAbow/flinter - i didnt mean to sound condescending of you, if you dont drink, or smoke that is excellent IMO. you are defintely the minority, but i think that is great. im just saying that for people who do smoke accasionally or drink somebeer, it doesnt make them bad or scum. i know an extreme amount of people who smoke marijuana and are the sweetest people you would want to meet. weed is much less dangerous than alcohol if ya ask me.i mean i guess theres nothing more to say, longisland will do what he wants to do, but im just giving my point of view on the topic and how important, or not important,it is to report these people. people continue to call them scum, but i dont agree with that at all. maybe people who use heroin and kill people, but smoking some weed, common now. but i do respect everyones opinion, i guess im just more liberal and open than some.
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Old 09-07-2007, 05:36 PM
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Default RE: scouting for deer and found POT!! i think

Geterdun2, you keep posting non stop in this thread and about everytime it starts off by you saying smoking pot isn't bad and keep saying not to turn them. Why? Sounds to me like you are nothing but a pot head yourself, not the "I smoked it when I was younger and may do it again" like you said. And to your comment to the guy who had the gun point blank to his wifes head, that was uncalled for. Your saying if you walked up on something like that and someone put a gun to your wife or girlfriends head, you wouldn't do anything? I think he did exactly what he should have by reporting them, not only for tunring in their operation but for putting a gun to her head. I on the other hand have alot worse of a temper and wouldn't have turned them in but took care of them myself. Jail or not I won't be treated like that nor will I allow anyone to treat my family like that. So I say turn them in!!!
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Old 09-07-2007, 05:53 PM
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Default RE: scouting for deer and found POT!! i think

Was this for sure on public land?

I've been involved in several operations seeking to eradicate people growing pot and running meth labs in the national forests. If it was national park or national forest, don't call the sheriff or local law enforcement agency, call the law enforcement division of the NFS or NPS. Since these plants were tall, and in containers - and the beat up car drove by - the plants are probably gone by now.

We can debate the rightness or wrongness of these activities - but this is public land, places where you would take your family, and they have no business or right to grow drugs on public land. They do it, and drive an old beater car or truck, because if they get caught, the law can confiscate everything they are using for the illegal activity. That way, they're not out much.

Also, you can rest assured that each individual garden plot is one plant shy of felony charges. Each plot will be misdemeanor level - these guys aren't dumb. In most places, they aren't looking for trouble, and are liable to abandon any garden they think may be compromised -- they have a dozen or more other gardens in the area. Typically, these are not guys growing pot for personal use. These are typically folks with some ties either to gangs or organized crime -- they're not wise guys or gang bangers, but they typically are suppliers.

For future reference, note the location, get the hell out of there, and call it in to the national park service law enforcement division or national forest service law enforcement division -- these guys aren't "Ranger Rick" -- they are sworn Federal Law Enforcement. You can always report in anonymously. If you think that your vehicle has been seen, then you'll have to make a decision. These guys generally seek to avoid trouble and will be non-confrontational... but that depends a lot on what part of the country you are in. 99 times out of 100, if they see you in the area and think that you've found the plot - they'll either go in immediately to harvest the plants, or more likely, they'll abandon it and never go back.

Don't do anything to jeopardize your safety, and don't try to take matters into your own hands.
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Old 09-07-2007, 06:17 PM
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Default RE: scouting for deer and found POT!! i think

bhensly - i continue to post because im bored and i want to give my opinion to this fellow, just like he asked us to do. everyone has their own agenda and reason for doing things, and i would not put my families life at jeopordy because of some weed. am i a pothead? no im not. have i smoked, yes i have, will i ever in the future, probaby. i jus dont see it as the devil drug, as long as it is used in moderation. it is much less dangerous than alcohol, and that is my personal opinion. but thats not the topic, the topic is to turn in or not to turn in. he gave me the situation, and all the facts, and i told him what i would do. and for the comment about the wife and the gun, he said a guy pointed a gun at his wifes head, told her not to tell on him. it just seemed like he was trying to say "no gun can scare me, i will do what i want" i agree to report them about pointing the gun, i guess i just took it the wrong way, so maybe i was reading it wrong. i felt like he was saying noone can do that and get away with it, which isnt the case and if he would have said something directly to the guy at the time, it could have been much worse depending on the culprit. im just saying that for those who say "i got a gun, the problem is solved" i dont agree, just because you can carry a gun on you doesnt mean it is right, and it doesnt mean someone should die for growing weed on public land and it doesnt mean you will get away with it. im not about to spend the rest of my life in jail over a few weed plants. if the people didnt see his vehicle and all that, then i would maybe say yea turn them in. but i am not about to put my life in danger or my property in danger over some weed. noone knows the situation: how dangerous these people are, or arent, how much they care about their weed and how far they will go to protect it, who they have ties to, etc. so IMO its not worth taking the chance of it being tony sopranos grow operation, and him getting mad at me for reporting it lol. i am just not willing to be put at risk like that over some pot. if it was a murder, then i agree, or a rape anything but a few weed plants. thats just my opinion. i only kept mentioning that weed isnt that bad IMO because people continued to say relate weed to "scum" and "lowlifes", which i know for a fact isnt true of all people who smoke weed. but yea longisland can do what he wishes, and i hope that he is content with his decision and that noone does cause any harm to him. im not saying its 100% sure that they will harm him, but his chances of being targeted rise dramatically after their weed is gone and they know his information, which they very possible. i just would not feel comfortable sitting in a treestand at almost dark knowing i got someones weed took and/or worse got the person locked up. its just not worth it.
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Old 09-07-2007, 07:54 PM
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Default RE: scouting for deer and found POT!! i think

Some of the responses I've been reading here just disgust me.

If it's illegal, it's illegal. How much more simple can it be? If you ignore one law, who's to say you won't ignore others?

No wonder this guy has reason to fear for himself and his wife! Someone's paying this human skunk money to grow pot so that they can smoke a little "harmless weed". So, if anything happens toeither he or his wife, I hope you'll feel veryproud of yourself.

I have ZERO tolerance for pot having nearly been run over years agoon a construction site by a worker who had a harmless little joint at lunch and "just sort of slipped" (his words). There's no such thing as a "harmless" drug or intoxicant.
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Old 09-07-2007, 08:08 PM
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Default RE: scouting for deer and found POT!! i think

homers brother...again i didnt say it was fine in all circumstances, just like alcohol isnt.

i dont understand what you mean by this statement "No wonder this guy has reason to fear for himself and his wife! Someone's paying this human skunk money to grow pot so that they can smoke a little "harmless weed". So, if anything happens to either he or his wife, I hope you'll feel very proud of yourself. "

hes not the one growing the weed...? im not sure what you mean. im telling him not to report it so they dont get angry with him and harm him or his wife, so how would that make me proud? im trying to keep harm away from him. ????[&:]
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Old 09-07-2007, 08:42 PM
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Default RE: scouting for deer and found POT!! i think

geterdun3 by letting them threaten me or my wife and letting them to continue their illegal activity.They have control over me,it is logical to fear,but it means more to me not to have a Pot Head have control over me.

I had some guys mistreeting a Dog next door to me.I told them to quit.They beat me with Clubs,my arms got most the damage.They left the Dog alone.

Got between couple Skinheads and a Black Guy that found hisself in the wrong spot.Got the something beat out of me.

The thing is I did what I felt was right.I may come up dead,but I will contiue to do the right thing.

big rockpile
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Old 09-08-2007, 01:45 AM
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Default RE: scouting for deer and found POT!! i think

If a person knows that a crime is or has been committed and he does nothing about it, wound that not be aiding and abbeting? Wouldn't he be just as guilty as the perp?
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Old 09-08-2007, 04:08 AM
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Default RE: scouting for deer and found POT!! i think


If weed is really so "harmless", what does anyone have to fear here? Set your stand right next to it, it won't hurt you, right?

Problem is, the guy in the beater car might think it's valuable enough to defend, and probably doesn't want to get caught doing something that could throw him in the can, so you might want to fear him.

Supply and demand. He wouldn't grow it if someone else weren't smoking it and paying him for it. If you smoke weed....you share responsibility for all the bad things that go on during its production - and that includes the fear our friend here has, thanks to stumbling onto this - and he hasn't even reported it yet.
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Quick Reply: scouting for deer and found POT!! i think

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