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Homemade ground blinds


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Default RE: Homemade ground blinds

Your fence idea is a good one. I usepasture fencingand make a capital G shaped circle. Two posts are ateither end. Mine are about 6 ft in diameter and each year I add new brush. I sit on a folding seat with the adjustable back. Very comfortable.
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Default RE: Homemade ground blinds




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Default RE: Homemade ground blinds

I built two or three out of the frame from an old grain silo. Have you ever seen the old silos with out any metal around them that look like giant bird cages, well that is what we made them out of. They work nice, you just put as many sections that you want together and brush it in. We got ours from a farmer for free that up-graded to some newer style silos. Nothing like haveing a nice pop up blind though.
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Default RE: Homemade ground blinds

Irish Knots:
heres the link to the plans. Very easy to build

Made base out of 4x4' and 2x4's. one is 8' the other 4'. The outriggers are for wind and to keep some punk from pushing it over.Built them at home, took apart thenbrought out in woods. Built the base and then put walls and roof on in the woods.

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Default Homemade ground blinds

I've been very successful using pallets. I typically use 3 pallets then zip tie them together and back them against some brush. Then all you have left is to stuff natural vegetation in the pallets. I cut out center shooting spaces in all 3 pallets ( not very big). I've literally had deer within spitting distance several times much less bow range.
Originally Posted by Irish Knots View Post
Does anyone have good ideas or pictures of their own personal homemade ground blind?

i have some ideas but always looking to improve my own and or make them better looking-

Almost that time of the year to begin setting them up

Does anyone use a fence or netting material as a base and build off of it with natural materials in the area you hunt?
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Pallets are a good method IF you can get the heavy, awkward suckers to where you want to make your blind without killing yourself!
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I have ground blinds. I built 10 foot tower, 5x5, with 6.5' ceiling in front.

I got a tractor now. So next one going to build, and chain to bucket and lift.

Think 10' 4x4 in each corner. Get off the ground a little for visibility.
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I built this one a 5yrs back or so, I used all treated plywood for floor, and framing, and used painted OSB(painted with paint and then roof tar waterproofing on outside, and black paint for inside) inside is covered with all sheet foam insulation, painted black, and a carpeted floor

It is 6x6x6 ft 2" inside, I wanted a full sized door, to make getting in and out easy, had a place picked out I built it for, didn;t want or need windows on the back side, so windows on 3 sides only, but could add rears if I ever wanted
its also built on skids, so it could be towed and dragged
I did a tar paper roll roofing roof, didn't want metal, for being more quiet

windows are pretty much 1/2 width on 2 sides, and full width across the front,,Main window I expected to shoot from,
with an adjustable up, height at any setting you wish, did this so a crossbow could be shot with zero issue's about limbs and being wide enough(on the full width of windows)
this blind when all done, was HEAVY, without a doubt an easy 900+ lbs
and not a nail in it, all deck screws, so anything that ever torts can be replaced easier!

I only needed it off the ground about 2 ft, and used HD old style tall wider and heavier cinder block, used a tractor to lift it up on platform
whole thing was built on a trailer, to make getting it where I wanted as easy as possible too!

the size to me was perfect for two people or even 3, if not too big
it was warm , dry and DARK inside when windows were down, like NOT see your hand in front of your face dark, LOL
the insulation made it rather quiet too

I would say it cost me about 700 bucks to build it
don't have any handy of when it was set up
But I ended up loosing the farm it was one and I sold the blind, so didn;t have to move it LOL

but here's a couple pic's while it was being built, wasn't finished here, but can maybe get some idea's?

best advice is build it as you want, and do it right the first time, once you get it like this changing plans isn't easy and again, there HEAVY when all done, but should last a LONG time with a little love now and then!
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5' tall fence x 150' at the home depot for $115. You can buy steel fence posts at tractor supply for $3 to $5 each. 15' will make a roomy blind and you'll get 10 of them out of your $115

Pile sticks around it and over it. Cut shooting holes in it and line it with a tarp of any old crap you can find. I use landscaping grass woven in the sections.

I place them around all sides of the feeders and I can hunt the wind and approach where I don't have to cross the trails in.
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I have gotten older and hunt ground i hunt a cedar that fell got sapplins around it made a rail of limbs around it wrap 12 ft x 5 ft camo clothes around use rail for gun rest also i been using nylon zip ties never rust or rot and can adust it been putting deer steak on table awhile
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