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Default RE: Finally called gamewarden.

Dog hunters in the state of Va always line the roads. Its legal here 15 ft off the road. And they have to use shotguns. I like the dog hunters in the late season. They get the deer moving for us. We have a 100 acre cutover that borders my land. Its nice them dogs get out the big bucks. We have shot 5 bucks from the help of dogs. 12,10,9,8,6 all with16-25 inch spreads. So good job dog runners. I use them for what there worth during late season. So they work for the good of some and the bad of others. Its a tradition in Va that will never get stopped and sometimes its kinda fun watching them damn dogs just go nuts in the woods. Happy hunting one day left in Va probally pops some does tomorrow or this afternoon.
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Default RE: Finally called gamewarden.

Huntingbgbucks…. Tradition or not the law is the law…. It’s in place for numerous reasons! I understand that game wardens can’t be everywhere all the time, that’s why it our job to help them do theirs. Granted most of the time there are not enough game wardens to effectively do their job, but you did the right thing 20POINT!! By not helping to enforce the law you are supporting the poachers. One of the best things you can do is to establish a working relationship with the game wardens.

What I can’t get over are some states that have increased the price on deer tags and have cut back on law enforcement. It really lets you and the poachers know that this is not a priority to these states. (i.e. Indiana)

"This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!"----Adolph Hitler 1935
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Default RE: Finally called gamewarden.

JOHNNY - You did the right thing. If more people turned-in poachers everything in the wild wins.

Shoot often - Hunt always
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Default RE: Finally called gamewarden.

That was a good idea to talk to the game warden. They have those mechanical deer here in NC too. It was too bad that nobody would listen.
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Default RE: Finally called gamewarden.

Calm down there FL Hunter. I believe huntingbgbucks stated that it was LEGAL in his area to hunt with dogs 15 ft off of the road...
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Default RE: Finally called gamewarden.

Okay fellas, hold on just one minute here. I don't know about you guys but I have a real problem with the lack of facts and knowledge with the original post. Good 'ol 20 point doesn't even know if it's legal to hunt from the side of the road and I'd be willing to bet that he is mistaken that these guys are trespassing, because if they were I don't think that there'd be any problem whatsoever getting the GW out to the scene to investigate such a violation. So just maybe some of you guys need to chill out.
Seems to me 'ol 20pt. needs to bone up on the hunting regs and determine if hunting from the side of the road is legal or not. In the lower half of S.C. where doghunting is legal, it is legal to hunt from the side of the road if you have permission to hunt the adjacent land.
Next problem I have with his post is the group that he describes, all ganged up together. It doesn't sound like they are hunting to me, sounds more like they are getting together after a drive and making plans for their next drive. Big difference between the two.
Due to 'ol 20pt's inability to grasp these basic differences I really doubt that he knows for a fact that they are trespassing, otherwise there should be no problem getting law enforcement out to the area.

Conclusion, 'ol 20pt doesn't like doghunters and posted this garbage and a good many of you guys took the bait and made yourself look damn near as foolish as 'ol 20pt.

FYI, no I am not a doghunter. I've been a stillhunter 20+ years, I have been on several dog hunts and when it's done right it is very enjoyable. Yes, there are some doghunters that are bigtime game violators, tresspassers, poachers, etc. and they do the hunting fraternity a very bad injustice with their violations, but I don't think 'ol 20pt has done the brotherhood any favors either by posting his ill informed tripe.

Just my .02


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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Finally called gamewarden.

You better read your book. Show me where it says you can't hunt within 100 yards of a road. It does say you can turn the dogs out on the road if you have permission from a landowner who owns land 50 feet from where you turn them out. You might be thinking of shooting within 100 yards of a house.
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Default RE: Finally called gamewarden.

I'm sorry Johnny, I must have been confused by your first post on the matter regards to you understanding your game regs, let's see, you said,"Now I just want someone to tell me this is legal." and "to my recollection, this is not legal....." Neither of these statements conveyed to me that you were actually citing the game regs or that you were actually sure of the regs. Hmmmmm, maybe I better go back and read it again.
So now you say that in Alabama it "is illegal to hunt from any roadway and you can't be within 100 yards of any roadway while hunting." Wow!!!! That's pretty restrictive,are you sure about that? Would you mind giving me the regulation number that states that? I've got Alabama's hunting regs pulled up on the computer as I type and I can't seem to find that regulation. While you are looking for that regulation number to share with me take a look at Alabama hunting regulation 220-2-112 Dog Deer Hunting, that reads as follows, It shall be unlawful to cast, release, or otherwise place, a dog, from, upon, or onto, a public right of way, without the permission of the landowners whose land adjoins the right of way within 50 feet of the location of such dog. Sounds to me like you can dog hunt from the public right of way as long as you have permission from the adjoining landowner. Would you care to expalin this otherwise?
Let's see if you can clarify something else for me, you have stated that it is illegal to hunt within 100 yards of a roadway. Is this any roadway? Paved road, dirt road, public roads, private roads? Give me that reg# so that I can look it up.

I also appreciate your expanding upon the criminal activities of these individuals with your 2nd post, was that an afterthought to mention the guys riding down the road hunting from the back of the truck or did you get that idea from Ballistictip?

You also state that " the landowner lives in New York and that you're not sure but you'd be willing to bet that they don't have permission to hunt....." What kind of crap is that? By your own admission you don't know what the hell you're talking about. What is your problem sonny? Admit it, it's dog hunters!!!! Even when done legally you don't like it and you resort to posting this crap.

On second thought, never mind, it all just seems a little to far fetched to warrant any more discussion. You have made many, serious allegations of continous game violations by a large gang of people over several years and yet can not seem to get any assistance from the GW. It would appear by your post that the GWs are either uncaring, incompetant or in collusion with these horrible people. I seriously doubt that is the case, I'm not really sure what your doing, maybe your just some little kid repeating what you hear grownups say so that you will sound all grown up and important. Is this what you are doing JOHNNY?

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Default RE: Finally called gamewarden.

Sorry fellas, bare with me but I'm just feeling a little pissy right now and 'ol 20pt is in serious need of having a new one ripped.
Disregarding all the other garbage 'ol 20pt has spewed, let's think about his allegations regards to not only trespassing to hunt on power company land, but the indiscriminate killing of fawns on power company land, the discarding of half used carcass' on power company land. I don't beleive a word of it. Here in SC, SGE&G(power company) has their own security force and I assure you they would not allow this continued behavior and they have the means to put a stop to such behavior and would prosecute to the fullest extent. According to 'ol 20pt, Alabama Power company apparently does not care and/or have the means to protect their property. Yea, right!!

Okay, I'm done. 20pt, don't worry about the reg# that you was supposed to find for me.

'nuff said,
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