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scary hunting stories

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Default scary hunting stories

tell me one storyy when you went hunting and somthing creeppy or weird happned like when your walking to your stand and you had an encounter with somthing or heard weird noises. this should be interesting to hear your stories
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Default RE: scary hunting stories

I was walking out of the woods one night after duck hunting and stepped in a dead hog.
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Default RE: scary hunting stories

I have 2 VERY scary stories to tell. But I don't have time right now - going fishing is on the agenda!

The first one involves an encounter with a black panther and the other involves an old indian warrior who happened by me while I was hunting!


These are very, very scary stories
and should not be told to smaller
children - especially near bedtime!
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Default RE: scary hunting stories

Here in Missouri, one cool early morning I went out in the dark walking the path like I always do. I was half way to my stand when I hear a noise just ahead of me so I look up and see a large black panther mating with a red one. They seamed to begoing at it pretty hot and heavy so I just let them be and walked around them. I got up the patha ways and got a little mad that theywere trespassing so I went back and slapped the red one a couple of times and they ran off never to be seen again. This really happened, I had pictures butan NHRArepresentativetook them away from me.
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Default RE: scary hunting stories

One morning a few years back, couldnt sleep, so I went to the club a little earlier, took my time , unloaded the fourwheeler, loaded it up, went on my mile treck through the woods. Well it was around 5:45, climbed my tree very quietly, pulled everything up, set back and relaxed. I nodded off for about ten minutes, still pitch black, all of the sudden an owl that was about ten feet higher than me let out a screach that would wake the dead. I about came out of my tree lounge, "luckily I was strapped in", after I got my nerves back, " and cleaned out my shorts" I had a pretty good chuckle.
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Default RE: scary hunting stories

haha thats a good one devil dog
i'd say that owl shreak did about rip your heart out
those things sound crazy!
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Default RE: scary hunting stories

Last year third day of bow season got to my stand a little early and i was sitting there listening to the songbirds sing away whe in flew to hoot owls fighting with each other about 5 feet to my right on a limb. Liked to give me a heart attack at first then i just shook the limb and returned the heart attack back to them.
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Default RE: scary hunting stories

During bow season last year I had a bear try to climb into the stand with me. He was very persistant and it took a couple of boots to the nose to get him down. He didn't just run away though, he circled around for awhile. It was a little scarry walking out of the bush after dark for I wasn't sure if he was still around.
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Default RE: scary hunting stories

Owls are creepy. They almost cause my death numerous times throughout the year.
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Default RE: scary hunting stories

lol....owls can make your heart skip a couple of bats, but i bet its nothing like what those black panthers would do to ya, lol....
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Quick Reply: scary hunting stories

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