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Deer and ethics

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Default RE: Deer and ethics

Thank you guys for replies, I guess in a lot situations ethics go in conflict with laws... intresting, how people then elect these laws.....
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Default RE: Deer and ethics

That is a good question. Yes, it is a good idea to follow the law. But the law isn't always the bottom line in every sitiuation, and the law isn't always right. If a law was passed that was a clear violation of your rights, would it be wrong to break that law? In some situations, it may be more ethical to break the law. Of course it is each person's personal decision, and I would nevertell someone else to break the law, as there are penalties for getting caught. But as for myself, knowing that I have good intentions and that my actions would not have negative ramifications, I would assume personal responsibility of the situation.If I came upon an animal that wa**** by a vehicle and severely injured, I would end its suffering if it was within my ability. As a hunter, this would be the ethical thing to do in my opinion. The law that prohibits this was placed for a reason, which I don't believe includes preventing people from ending the suffering of stricken animals.I assume there is some other reason, such as preventing people from stealing antlers off of roadkill, etc. We have the ability to think for ourselves, and always going by the book isn't realistic. Sometimesyou can justify breaking the law if you feel that it isyour ethical responsibility to do so. If I was in this situation I would follow through with what I thought was right and try not to get caught. If I did get caught, I would assume responsibility for my actions and present my argument for doing so. That is all you can do in that situation, but it would be best not to get caught of course. Let me put it this way. Here is a scenario. You are driving down a back road at night. Nobody else is around. You see an injured deer on the side of the road. Would you end its suffering or follow the law?
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Default RE: Deer and ethics

That is the reason I carry a Charter ARMS AR7 under the back seat for this particular reason. We have so many deer here in NC. I work 2nd shift so I travel alot at night. I would hate to discharge my 38spl at midnite! Way to populated but my 22lr makes very little noise. Gets the job done nothing worse than seeing a animal suffer.
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Default RE: Deer and ethics

Not in Illinois, no way! I would not kill the animal. I like keeping my hunting rights and I'm not very fond of handcuffs.
I would call the law, then wait to ask him if I may keep it.
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Default RE: Deer and ethics

ORIGINAL: nchawkeye

1) Breaking a deer's spine does not kill it...it only paralizes it down from the area where the spine is broken...
When you break the neck above the 3rd cervical vertebrae, you sever the vagus nerve innervation to the diaphragm thereby prventing the deer from breathing which will kill it within minutes.

Nice and blue,
She stopped breathing immediately, closed her eyes and stopped moving promptly.
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Default RE: Deer and ethics

Very interesting and thought-provoking question. I'd have to say that I'd do my part to ensure that the proper authorities took care of the situation. Although seeing an animal suffer is never a pretty sight, I'd have to go with the law on this one. The legal ramifications aren't worth it to me. Also, the general public probably won't like seeing a guy slitting arteries on an injurred deer on the side of the road. It makes hunters look bad. It's an iffy subject, and really there's no right answer I guess. Death is not always quick and painless in nature. That said, perhaps laying a cloth or something over its eyes could calm the animal until cops or DNR could handle the situation. Just my $0.02.
-- B
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Default RE: Deer and ethics

I agree that death is seldom clean or pretty in nature. But then again, in nature, deer don't get hit by automobiles. I don't think Iwould interfere with an animal dying of natural causes, but when it comes to animals getting hit by cars I think I would feel obligated to do something. I'm not sure I would dispatch an injured animal in a busy area. It is totally dependent upon the situation and there is no absolute right or wrong answer. I can understand the grey area and hesitation when it comes to looking at this with a broad perspective. But let's narrow it down a bit and look at the basic principles of this. Again, here is a scenario. You are driving down a back road at night. Nobody else is around. You see an injured deer on the side of the road.Remember, there is nobody around to see you and there are no police in the area. Would you end its suffering or follow the law?

In this scenario the question is, would you feel obligated to respect the law and comply with it even if you felt an ethical responsibility not to? Do we base our decisions on the law itself, or legal consequences and other ramifications? I wouldn't have to think about it. I would pull over and put the deer out of its suffering.

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Default RE: Deer and ethics

Northwind, when you put it like that and in that situation I don't know what I'd do. I'd probably drive off and end up going back to dispatch the deer. But as said before, I really dont know what I'd do. It's true that getting hit by a car isn't a natural act. The rule I often say I go by is that if it's a natural thing, I shouldn't intervene...
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