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deer calling

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Default deer calling

hi every one ,wondering if you use any grunts or bleats
pre or post rut to draw deer in? thanks
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Default RE: deer calling

Yes, I use a grunt call and a "can" doe bleat call, mostly while still hunting. Deer have incredible hearing, and they're very social and very curious. Calls will work even in heavily hunted areas if used correctly, and if you're lucky. My favorite approach is to still hunt into the wind in heavy cover, grunt or bleat once every 15 minutes or so. Be very patient. I've observed deer, especially bucks, just stand there for a long time. Wait for them to make a mistake.
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Default RE: deer calling

I use a buck call and this year have tried a can I have had success with the buck call even if not getting a shot I've heard bucks respond. I haven't used the can enough to really comment on it. I do however plan on giving it a little more use in the future.
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Default RE: deer calling

I have used a grunt call for years. I stand hunt. I have had numerous bucks respond to it by walking in my direction or they try to circle me it seems. I have never heard them grunt back. Does, and fawns with does, I have had the opposite happen. It seems that once they hear it, they get nervous, and walk away briskly into thick cover.
Kinda off the subject, but I have had does and fawns walk a few feet away from a scent wick and not even bat an eye, as if it wasn't even there. I used it one season, and didn't see any bucks that year.
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Default RE: deer calling

I used the canned doe bleat this year and had deer in sight several times while using it to attempt to lure them closer. Without fail, they ignored it completely. I'll have to try the grunt next year.
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Default RE: deer calling

I use the True Talker all season and I always get a reaction from buck and doe's.
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Default RE: deer calling

As almost everyone on here knows whitetails are interesting creatures. The same deer will never react the same way twice, but at the same time the same deer will always react the same way twice. With that said I used the Buck Roar this year along with a Delta decoy. I had the 11 pointer I shot this year come stomping in from 100 yards to within 20 yards of me and the decoy. He wasrubbing trees and grunting with every step he took.At this time the rut was winding down somewhat but this big guy knew exactly what the Buck Roar was saying. With that decoy he never even looked at me even when I moved a little to get the gun in a better shooting position. On a different day he might not have even came to the call so you just have to be out there as often as you can.
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Default RE: deer calling

we used a grunt this year and thats how we got my10ptr to come in and got him to stop so i could shoot him.

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Default RE: deer calling

Is there a particular time of season to grunt? or does it pretty much work all throughout the season?
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Default RE: deer calling

I have had a huge success with Deer Calls. I have used the fawn bleat in early bow season, use caution while on the ground, I was hunting on the edge of a field in some high grass on almost got stampeded by about 7 or 8 does. The next time I used it I called up two does they came within 10 yards of me, and I was on the ground against a tree without a blind or cover scent.

I also called a cowhorn spike and a 3 point within 3 yards of me from the ground. I saw them both on my way back to the house while crossing a field. I saw them and immediately sat on the ground, I grunted 4 or 5 times and no response. So then i grunted hard and loud, it didn't even sound like a deer it was a blown call but it was loud enough to get there attention. After that i made several rapid short grunts they started trotting towards me, once they got about 50 yards away they stopped. I covered the end of the grunt call and called again to make it sound further away and then I did my doe in a can bleat while it was still in my bag, they started trotting towards me again. I then realized I better get ready. I shot the cow horn spike in the head at maybe 3 yards. This was sitting on the ground in the open no cover scent, with my marlin 30/30. This was in Lousisiana on private land. The spike was 2 1/2 years old. I figured I needed to cull him, actually i needed to cull both of them.I have had great success and sometimes totally ignored.
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