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deer calling

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Default deer calling

when you see a dear in the field doe or buck, what is the best call to use to get it to come your direction... i know its never a sure thing but what should i use
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Default RE: deer calling

If he is in shooting range I do not do anything to give my self away. If I know he can't see me I will try grunting just to get his attention maybe he will be curious enough to come check it out. Depending on the time of the season and if he is far enough away that I can see him and he can't see me I will try rattling very briefly, you have to keep your ears pinned and your eyes peeled though cause you never know if another deer is in the area. Just my opinion, I am sure there are several methods you can use, just have to find out what is best.
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Default RE: deer calling

Fawn bleat for a doe and a grunt for a buck. I've never had to use either to call one in that was just passing by though. The only reason I've used a grunt on a passing buck is to get him to stop so I can shoot.

If I'm already calling and the deer shows up I'd stop calling since it had done it's job already. Maybe grunt or rake some trees/brush to get it's attention.
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Default RE: deer calling

For a dominant buck during the rut use a series of 'tending' grunts (the vocalizations that a buck makes when courting/chasing an estrous doe). Can't explain the sound nor method of doing this type of call/vocalization on here, but I am sure there are numerous videos or recordings out there that you can learn the technique off of.

Using the tending grunt sequences sold me on it last year. I taught it to a friend and he and his son spotted a buck trotting away from them about 300 to 400 yrds away. He used that calling series and had the buck RUN at them and get within 35 yrds before his son bagged the nice 135" 8 pointer with one shot.
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Default RE: deer calling

The "Tending Grunt" as cdnwrangler mentioned is a awesome call for mature bucks(I refer to it as a huffing grunt but basically .25-.50sec short successive soft grunts 4-6 grunts in total). It will not only stop them but bring them running, as will rattling in good doe to buck ratio lands. As to immature bucks a fawn, doe bleat or grunt or light rattling(like sparring) is the safest bet. For does like mention a fawn bawl or a doe grunt will sometimes work. To stop any deer any vocalization will work but I will mostly just grunt. I am not a big believer in blind calling unless rattling and will never call to a deer I will not harvest, as it does give your location away. A single toot you may get away with it but anymore and they'll be all eyes on deck.

I think you have the right mind set, not every deer will respond to a call if you have nothing to lose try and find what works for your area.

Below is a link to some wav files of different deer sounds:
Deer Sounds

Good Luck
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Default RE: deer calling

Here deer come here deer.Dont laugh I did it several times You have to build a spiritual bond between the animal and yourself. I told a guy this 5 years ago and he laughed and thought I was crazy. I took him to my favorite spot in bow season .We sat on the ground in a fence line at the edge of a cut corn field.4 doe walked out at 40 yards.He said to far to shoot. I said just get ready. At a low voice I said hey deer.Come here.Did this several times while bonding in prayer with the deer.The deer slowly turned walked within 20 yards turned broadside and the guy shot it. That guys face looked like he just seen a ghost.
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Default RE: deer calling

thanks for your input everyone..i appreciate it
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