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Deer Hunting Superstitions

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Default RE: Deer Hunting Superstitions

ORIGINAL: kenman

After field dressing a buck, his scrotum gets hung from a nearby tree. Failing to do this will result in no buck the next year.
My brotherstree steps is where I hang them!
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Default RE: Deer Hunting Superstitions

Ok, what is a cardeer necklace?
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Default RE: Deer Hunting Superstitions

i NEVER take a camera. the cam must stay at home or i wont see a single animal all day.
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Default RE: Deer Hunting Superstitions

Where to start?

I had a lucky sweatshirt I wore and got a lot of deer when wearing it. Told my daughter it was lucky and she got several deer while wearing it.

I had an unlucky pair of binoculars once. Didn't see anything while having them with me. I forgot them in the truck once and got a deer. Then I forgot them a few days later and got another.Left themin the truck on purpose and got one in rifle season. Forgot them in spring turkey and got one. Needless to say, I put 2 and 2 together and gave them away. I even warned the guy they were bad luck.

I don't look at the shell I put in the chamber.

I never brag that I'll get a deer before the season. That's bad luck. When one of my hunting partners starts bragging, around other hunters, that we are getting deer tomorrow, I start down playing our chances. Its funny seeing the look on their face when I do this. I can't tell them why I do it either, that's bad luck too.

I number the vanes on my arrows.On certain days, certain arrows are lucky.

All dollar bills in my wallet HAVE to be facing the same way.

There are a few others but this is enough to speak of, right now. I may jinx myself by just talking about it

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Default RE: Deer Hunting Superstitions

I have a couple:

1. I have a lucky pair of pants, they are a $30 pair of Carharts ( 3 for 3 so far). I also have a $150 Scent Lok pair but I never see anything in them.

2. I eat the same breakfast and OJ before I go out.

3. If I forget my field dressing gloves I never get a deer.

4. I never talk about seeing a deer the night before. If I talk about deer it is always qualifies with an if or maybe.

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Default RE: Deer Hunting Superstitions

I wear the same hat all of deer season.
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Default RE: Deer Hunting Superstitions

ORIGINAL: BarnesX.308

Rub the lucky coconut. Yes a coconut. I brought it home from the Florida Keys because whenever it was in the boat, we caught a lot of fish.

See coconut in use:

That Kalik in the picture makes me miss the Bahamas. Great choice of beer!
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Default RE: Deer Hunting Superstitions

oh and i forgot another one. since i shoot a single shot i can see the back of my shell when its in the chamber before i close it...the numbers and letters on the shellHAVE to be lined up perfectly...it needs to have the name of the company on the top and 270 win on the bottom. if its upside down its bad luck....
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Default RE: Deer Hunting Superstitions

After field dressing a buck, his scrotum gets hung from a nearby tree. Failing to do this will result in no buck the next year.
we do the same exact thing. but if its a doe, we hang the milk sack.....
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Default RE: Deer Hunting Superstitions

Hey guys. I dont have any crazy rituals but a few things I do.
I pray before I leave and when I am in the stand for a good hunt.
I dont wash my clothes in scent cover or wash in it. I just use regular unscented soaps. Never see a deer when I wash in the stuff.
I have one bullet I load in the chamber and don't chamber a different one till Its been fired.
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Quick Reply: Deer Hunting Superstitions

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