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What do you guy's think about this ?

Old 11-19-2002, 04:42 PM
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Default What do you guy's think about this ?

It's about 5:00 and I'm sitting in my stand watching about 3 or 4 doe's eating on the other side of my property. Next thing I know, they take off running toward my stand. I sit and watch , thinking that a buck may be in the area , and next thing I know , I see about 10 white-tails jump the creek and haul out of there. I look behind me and it's my cousin coming through the woods on the way to his stand. This is is first season and he didn't know any better so I wasn't that mad at him. My question is do you guy's think the deer will return ? I know they didn't see him , he was to far off , but they heard him moving toward them. I knew there were 3 or 4 , but had no clue that there were really about 10.
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Default RE: What do you guy's think about this ?

Your stand is there for a reason. The deer were probably there for a reason. I think they'll be back.
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Default RE: What do you guy's think about this ?

Sure the deer will be back, it is no different than when you'er walking to your stand. Wether you know it or not we all spook deer on the way to the stand, alot of the time.

I take advatage of this during hunting season. I will return to my stand in the early afternoon, at least 3hrs. before every one ells.

I do this because when the others are driving and walking through the woods they scatter the deer. And many occations I have taken advantage of this, beeing that they inadvertantly come running my way, the deer.

Good luck!

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Default RE: What do you guy's think about this ?

They will be back. I am like Jred, I have harvested many deer by beeing in the woods when others were just coming back in.

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Default RE: What do you guy's think about this ?

They will be back it just might not be right away . I have jumped a lot of deer and then gone back in a couple of days and found them in the same place . Whitetails and blacktails both ,Muledeer is a different story or at least that has been my experience .They seem to move around more or get out of the area altogether.
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Default RE: What do you guy's think about this ?

You don't have anything to worry about. A matter a fact. (I'm 19 years old right now) I picked up bow hunting when I was about 14 or so, and I had a pretty nice 10 pointer come up on me one evening and I took a shot, but I shot right below him (very disapointing), anyway I went back the next weekend and saw him in almost the exact same spot at the exact same minute. Very weird. Two Saturday's in a row at 6:24 pm I shot at that deer and missed both times, I learned a valuable lesson then and I actually haven't missed a deer since!
They will be back.
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Default RE: What do you guy's think about this ?

They will be back. Don't want to continue to spook them too many times though. I often hear deer scatter on my way into the stand. Last week I had deer under my stand at dark when I wwent in and was confident that I had no chance at seeing a deer the rest of the day. Shortly before daylight they returned- 45 minuts later.
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Default RE: What do you guy's think about this ?

They'll be back deer are always getting spooked by something. Just think how many other animals are out there and how many times they get spooked by them.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: What do you guy's think about this ?

I spooked a fair size buck last weekend while sitting in my stand, he walked up behind me and I didn't see him until I heard crashing behind me and looked back just in time to see him darting away from me. Not even 10 minutes later the same deer came back and walked by and never even looked my way. I know it was the same deer because of his antlers, it looked very unusual, lots of points (maybe 10) but very small in general, both the deer and the antlers.
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