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Is 8 to young????

Old 09-03-2006, 01:28 PM
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Default RE: Is 8 to young????

My son has been going with me since he was 3. Now when he was 3 and 4, you might get to go for a few hours, then you might get to go for 30 minutes. Depended on how interested he was on that particular day.
Once he was 5 he wanted to go all day everyday. I have a lot of pictures of him sleeping in the stand (box stand on ground) with me.
He is 6 now and I believe he will take his first deer this year. (With assistance of course.)
He can aim and pull the trigger while I brace the gun. Usually a .243.
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Default RE: Is 8 to young????

He is old enough to hunt with you! My daughter started at about age 6.
Just remember, you may have to shorten your hunts some days, their attention span can be short, and you want it to be a fun experience!
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Default RE: Is 8 to young????

the earlier the better l..
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Default RE: Is 8 to young????

I don't think it is too young for him to come along. Just keep in mind it might be a short hunting trip and don't expect to really kill a deer. Kids get bored easy and have trouble sitting still, so don't expect the world of the little guy.

Nothing wrong with getting them out there for the experience though. I took my buddies 8 year old tracking a deer with us once. Wasn't a problem. And my other buddies kids help us track and watch us field dress them when we hunt on their property.

I think I went squirrel hunting with my dad around 8 or nine, and got my first firearm when I was 10, a 20 ga H&R. A few years after that I got my own 22 marlin model 60. But I had been shooting my dads marlin lever action for a few years. I never big game hunted until I was in my 30's though. Just small game when I was younger.

My girlfriends son turns 8 tomorrow and I have to finnish sighting in my slug gun. I figured I would take along the 17 HMR and let him shoot it a little bit. It will be his first time shooting a real gun.

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Default RE: Is 8 to young????

You know, im 26 and i wish i could of started hunting when i was 8, but no one in my family hunted. I going to go whitetail deer hunting this year. If you want to take your boy out hunting, i wouldsuggest letting him watch what is going on and teach him nothing but safety saftety saftey. Afterall, saftey comes first!
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Old 09-04-2006, 04:55 AM
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Default RE: Is 8 to young????

How mature is he? I mean does he listen well, how are the grades?? does he do what hes told without asking more than once?

I was at a local waterfowl draw yesterday,, was talking with a buddy who I havent seen in a year or so.. he had his youngson with him,, he has gone with his dad on outings since the age of 4 or so,, hes 12 now..

I said hey your boy must be real close too getting his licence this year or next? "Well,,, by law he is eligible too get it this year.. his grades absolutely went in to the tank last year though,, he gets too repeat the grade this year..

He will not be getting a licence until his grades improve substantially.. its too bad, he could have waterfowl hunted with me, gone for 2 weeks for moose and I was going too take him caribou hunting, plus we have a nice buck coming too the backyard." maybe next year! best answer ive heard in a while!
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Default RE: Is 8 to young????

Only a good dad would give it this much thought, so congrats to you. I do not think 8 is too young, as long as he is directly under your supervision. My dad started taking me out about that age, andthat experiencemade me a much better hunter later.
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Default RE: Is 8 to young????

In my eyes yes 8 is too young, my son just turned 8 and theres noway id let him carry a gun but always welcome him to join me.
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Default RE: Is 8 to young????

i was 5 when my dad start taking me hunting so 8 really aint to bad
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Default RE: Is 8 to young????

I don't think 8 is too young. My dad took me before I was 6 and I am glad he did. I took my nephew with me last season and he was 7....we seen 4 deer (didn't shoot them) and he had a blast..
I have 3 childern of my own and when they get older they are all more than welcome to come with me if they so choose
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