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How do you hang a tree stand?

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Default How do you hang a tree stand?

I'm a newbie to the forum, and relatively new to hunting. This will be my 3rd season.

I have a hang on tree stand, but I have never hung one. I bought some climbing sticks, but how do you get the stand 15 feet up? I heard that there are puleys that can be used to hoist the stand up, but I haven't been able to find one. Can anyone give me some tips?

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Default RE: How do you hang a tree stand?

The best way I have found is to wear a full body harness with the teatherstrap around the tree and attached totherings at yourhips. This allows you to stand on your quick sticks and have both hands free. Then you attach a rope to the stand and climb up your quick sticks. When you get to the top you pull the stand up to you and attach it to the tree.

One more quick note, I also take extra ratchet straps and use them to secure the stand to the tree. This makes the stand extremely solid!!
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Default RE: How do you hang a tree stand?

Bring a friend with bad memory
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Default RE: How do you hang a tree stand?

I'm sure every body has their own way of putting their stands up but whats works for me is to have a long rope.
As I put my climbing sticks up section by section and making sure that the sticks are frimly attached to the tree.
I have one end of the rope tied to the stand and the other tied around my waiste, as I reach the top of my climbing stick I just pull my stand up and attache it to the tree.
Don't forget while you are putting your sticks and stands, ALWAYS wear a safety harness or lineyard it would be very hard to work without one.
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Default RE: How do you hang a tree stand?

Thanks for your advice. I am going to get some extra ratchet straps today at lunch, and I plan on hanging it Saturday. I do have a friend that will be with me, just in case something goes wrong.
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Default RE: How do you hang a tree stand?

Tree hopper makes a belt that you wear and then strap around the tree so your hands are free to pull your stand up and hang with no problems!!! Walt
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Default RE: How do you hang a tree stand?

Hanging stands is the most dangerous hunting-related activity, in my opinion. It's hot, strenuous work at high elevation and requires a lot of awkward hanging/bending/reaching. Please, do yourself a favor and be very cautious.

If you want to be on the safe side, go to your local Tractor Supply store. They sell tons of heavy duty rope, pulleys, carabiners and everything you'll need to hoist your stand into place. It's not hard to take good rope and keep tying yourself off, even looping it over an overhead limb and anchoring to yourself and a solid hold to catch you if you should fall. Their rope is reasonably priced, and comes in 75-100' packages.

I always take someone with me when I'm hanging stands - it helps b/c they can man the ropes, hand you tools/steps/straps/stand/etc.

Look online at lineman's climbing gear and rock-climbing gear to see what you really need to be safe. I look back at what we did when we were kids, and I'm shocked that we never killed ourselves. We hung/built stands using nothing but a tool belt and a piece of clothes line. Keep in mind that if you use ebay, you can find some deals on used OSHA harnesses and climbing belts. They have a good resale value, so it's not like you can't resell them when you're done using them.

Learn to tie some good knots, including a figure-eight knot and a prussic hitch. This link is a valuable resource. http://www.indoorclimbing.com/Climbing_Knots.html

Really, all you need isa good safety harness, some good rope and a little know-how.

Like noted earlier, those climbing sticks make things really easy, just be sure to put an extra ratchet strap or two on each one. It will be rock-solid once they're tight.

Tip: When hanging the stand, I always hang a screw-in step right where I want the seat to go. Then, I hang the stand temporarily on the step while I install the straps. Sometimes, it can be awkward trying to hold the stand in place and run the ratchet straps. It's one of those situations where you needfour hands but only have two.
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Default RE: How do you hang a tree stand?

First thing is to put your steps or ladder on your tree, then I havea T shaped screw that Iput right above where I want my stand to hang. I then tie a rope to my stand and put that rope on the T. Then I get back on the groundand hoist it up. Once it's at the T I tie the rope onto another tree or something heavier than my stand. Then I climb back up the tree and fasten it.

Good luck, and be safe. A 15 foot drop will end your season before it starts.
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Default RE: How do you hang a tree stand?

Safety is the most important thing, you will be climbing higher than you have hand holds, so you will be holding the tree, you will also have to let go of the tree to tie on steps/sticks and the stand.

You want a belt/harness that connects from your front/hips to the tree, using a harness that attaches at your back is no fun. Ideally you have some type with a hip connection like SOP, or even a belt that you can spin the connection around to your front and the belt under your armpits. You want these types cause you can then raise the tree section high as you can and actually lean back into the strap, and it will hold you to the tree but give you both hands to work.

Once you are up (oh ya, before you leave the ground tie a rope onto the stand and onto your belt, put the stand on the opposite side of the tree you are climbing so if you fall you don't land on it.). Pull the stand up by the rope.

Assuming its a chain/strap, you hold the stand in your left hand and swing the strap/chain around the tree and grab it with your right hand. You want the connection hook on the stand on your side, not the other side of the stand.

Pull the chain/strap as tight as you can and attach it. Push down on the stand to seat the chain/strap against the tree.

Now the fun part. You have to climb onto the stand, IT WILL MOVE!! The added weight will push the stand down a few inches and it will tightly seat it against the tree.

all done!
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