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mock scrapes

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Default mock scrapes

i was just wondering when i need to make my mock scrape. i have also heard that human pee, once it hits the ground, attracts the deer as much as doe pee or buck pee. what is youe opinion on this.
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Default RE: mock scrapes

When your making a mock scrapes remember to hang your dripper above a licking branch and you might want to try some excite on that licking branch.
Excite is made from Wildlife Resreach its like a thick honey type of goothat you put on limbs to attract deer.
Anyway to back to the scrape: clear your ground real good below the licking branch and put some buck pee in it.
Then let your dripper do the work for a couple of days, when you go out to hunt that area pour a little bottle of doe pee in it.
I wouldn't pee in a scrape myself but hey to each his own I mean if you want to try it go ahead its your scrape.
You'll want to make these mock scrapes early in the season, some people will start before the season starts.
I hope this information helps you, I'm sure my fellow hunting buddies here will put there opinoin in here as well.

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Default RE: mock scrapes

I myself hang a tarsal gland on a licking branch above a mock scrape. Its worked well for me and I also use Tinks 69 and doe dropings in the scrape and use dominant buck urine on the tarsal gland. I usually make a mock scrape right before pre rut and continue to use it thru out the rut...
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Default RE: mock scrapes

thanx for the help so far. any one else have anymore replies
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Default RE: mock scrapes

I work the ground with a small garden hoe and put some tinks trophy buck lure in the scrape. When the rut starts to fire up, I start in with the tinks 69. The trophy buck lure will not usually scare away smaller bucks, I saw a spikehorn working a mock scrape I made last year. Just be sure to wear your rubber boots and try to keep the scrape human scent free as possible. Good Luck.
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Default RE: mock scrapes

We use unscented tampons or Hyper Wicks soaked in fresh deer urine as an attractant on our hunts. After the evening hunt wedrop the wick onto the ground under the low hanging branch ( tampons and Hyper Wicks are biodegradeable) and make a mock scrape with the urine soaked wick. If there is a buck in the area you will know within 48 hours, he will tear the ground up! We use Southern Whitetail Scent's Hyper Heat ( freshly collected doe estrous) and Hyper Rage (freshly collected buck urine)
We have harvested some really nice bucks in the last 2 years doing this.
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Default RE: mock scrapes

so im confused. when do you ise doe and when do you use buck urine when doing a mock scrape or do you put both down at once? thanks
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Default RE: mock scrapes

I start my mock scrapes in the middle of September here in New York. I use Buck Fever synthetics and Code Blue Tarsel, buck and doe gel and Primetime mock scrape dirt. Last year I found that Code Blue and Primetimeworked better. I put the Tarsel gel on the licking stick, the dirt in the cleared area on the ground and place a couple of drops of the doe and buck gel in it. Refresh it in a couple of days.
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